Senior Ponders Future Prospects


Anna Adams, Staff Writer / Editor

Beyond high school, countless opportunities await. However, not everybody knows exactly what to do immediately after graduation. Senior Robert Gilmore, who has yet to figure out his career, has decided to begin with college in order to discover his passion.

“When I got accepted I was super excited,” Gilmore said. After writing an essay about a life-changing event, he was accepted into Texas State University. Located in San Marcos, Gilmore plans to move to be closer to his school, where he hopes to study political science.

“I have sisters who have been to college and are in college so I’m asking them for advice,” Gilmore said. Along with seeking advice from his college-savvy sisters, Gilmore has also made sure to tend his high school reputation. Maintaining high grades and participating in extracurricular activities, he has done a lot to prepare for his higher education.

While the future remains uncertain for many, there are ways to get started on finding the right career. Like Gilmore, attending a college or university is a way to allow for the growth of personal ambition. Great job, Gilmore!