Senior Changes Post-Graduation Plans


Anna Adams, Staff Writer / Editor

After high school, our Panthers must begin to forge their own paths. Some of those paths begin with getting a job immediately. Senior Adam Chavez was among those planning to get a job right after graduation, but his path has recently gone in a different direction.

“It wasn’t even an option until this past month as I didn’t have any offers in Texas to continue my education and athletic career,” Chavez said, who earned a scholarship to Texas Lutheran University. Located near Seguin, Chavez plans to move near the campus for his education.

Chavez (right) with a buddy on the field.

“It’s exciting to know that I’m going to continue to play football,” Chavez said. A dedicated player, he hopes to play his best and possibly pursue a career in coaching. Aside from athletics, Chavez also aspires to study kinesiology and criminal justice, with an eye on a career in law enforcement.

“I believe that everything I’ve accomplished has been through the work I put in,” Chavez added. His work ethic, which includes getting up at 5:30 in the morning every day and working until the evening, has helped him get prepared for life after high school. 

While having a plan for the future is beneficial, Panthers like Chavez remind us to keep an eye out for unplanned opportunities. Congratulations, Chavez!