Senior Pursues Nursing


Anna Adams, Staff Writer / Editor

Starting a new life after high school is far from easy, but hard work and dedication will make it go more smoothly. Fellow senior Kylie Mutz has not had the most effortless academic career, but her commitment to her dream has led her to where she is now.

“It felt amazing,” Mutz said, who was accepted into Texas State University, located in San Marcos. “It is the only news I wanted to hear at the time.” She has received a merit grant and a freshman scholarship, but she insists on continuing to work at her current job in order to fully afford her move to San Marcos.

“At my school I hope to get a lot of hands-on experience and even an internship to see what nursing life is like,” Mutz said. Hoping to become a nurse after college, she plans to study subjects in the medical field. 

“I have had late nights of studying and preparing due to me playing sports,” Mutz said. Despite the academic hurdles she faced, Mutz was undeterred. In fact, she took the opportunity to learn from her mistakes and grow as a student. This work ethic has given her a chance of having a collegiate experience that will support her future goals. “Hopefully [university] will give my life a big jump start.”

As proven by Mutz, perseverance is key to pursuing ambition. Let’s wish Mutz the best of luck in her new life!