Senior Plays Hard, Studies Harder


Anna Adams, Staff Writer / Editor

Winning a scholarship certainly helps pay for college, but it is not the only factor responsible for the pursuit of a higher education. Senior Nadia Reyna shares how her experiences have shaped her path to college.

“It was definitely not easy to get where I am today,” Reyna said. Due to soccer games, she traveled all over Texas, Oklahoma, and other states nearly every weekend of the school year. Adding on to that is weekly soccer practice at school, homework, taking dual credit courses, being in the top 20 percent of her class, and working a job. Despite such a busy schedule, she managed to make time to prepare for college.

“I am preparing for my future higher education by having a healthy and competitive mindset,” Reyna said, who intends to learn from her experiences. “I won’t stress anything out of my control.” Even with her hefty workload, she takes time to care for her mental state. With a mindset like this, Reyna was able to focus on finding her dream school.

“I want to discover myself and strive to succeed,” Reyna said, who was “thrilled” to find that she would be continuing her academic and athletic career at West Texas A&M University. Already technically a sophomore due to dual credit courses, she wants to study health science and graduate with honors. Then, she will move on to graduate school to fulfill her desire to become an assistant surgeon in the field of orthopedics and rehabilitation.

“I love the campus and know some hometown friends from school and soccer that attend WT,” Reyna said, whose sister also attended this school. “This made me feel more comfortable and excited to start my further education there.” After all these years of hard work, Reyna is ready to move on to the next chapter in her life. Let’s cheer her on!