Vol. 21


Anna Adams, Staff Writer/ Editor


The bell can assume up to 16 different textures based on its placement position.

Piglins like bells but do not become hostile if the player destroys the bell.

Piglins admire anything golden, such as a bell.

Villagers tend to gather around bells, and this crowd tends to make iron golems spawn; in this way, bells play a role in where iron golems will spawn.

Bells cannot be crafted, but they can be found in ruined portal chests or in villages. 

A village and two ruined portals make this location ideal for finding bells.

Anvils, note blocks placed on gold blocks, and bells share the same sound.

In Bedrock Edition, bells deflect arrows and used to have three additional variants.

Bells will not drop unless they are mined with a pickaxe. 

Even a wooden pickaxe is sufficient.

In Java Edition, the bell texture is taller.

Bells take the same amount of time to mine as an enchantment table.

Bells can be placed on top, underneath, or on the side of blocks. However, if the block the bell is anchored to is broken, the bell will drop.

During raids, bells will make illagers or raid mobs glow.

Armorer, weaponsmith, and toolsmith villagers can trade bells to the player. 

A weaponsmith offers a bell.

Iron doors and bells have a similar blast resistance.

Ringing a bell in a village will cause the villagers to run indoors.

Redstone and shooting arrows can activate the bell sound.

As the arrow strikes the bell, a sound is produced.

Bonus Fact

Although it does burn, the nether star is completely resistant to explosions.

TNT is no match for a nether star.


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