MVHS VS Hurricane Harvey



Hurricane Harvey heads towards the Texas coast.

Salexis Zertuche, Reporter

The rain that has been pouring on southeast Texas due to Harvey has mercifully stopped, but the need for supplies still remains. When Harvey hit land,  it contained strong winds ranging from 115 to 130 miles per hour ranking it as a category 4 by the National Weather Service. This vast storm swept through Southeast Texas and Louisiana, destroying countless homes and businesses.  A rough estimate from CNN says that more than 60,000 structures were lost. Areas unaffected by Harvey have hospitably prepared shelters for people escaping the storm. Many volunteers also gathered together to collect necessity items to provide for the evacuees. During this time of crisis, Medina Valley’s very own student council took on the responsibility of gathering supplies to send down to the coast in Port Aransas. Ms.Lee, the sponsor of the drive, was very pleased with all the contributions.

Victoria Duran, the senior in charge of the drive said, “I guess we got the idea because, other people around knew people down there and wanted to help after hearing what they were going through, it did take a lot of time. We ended up with about a, not a truck load, but I’d say a good car load.”

The senior class brought in the most donations out of all the grades, and therefore won the spirit stick. If you did not get the chance to bring anything in for the drive, Ms.Lee has said that they are going to soon be holding another drive for the schools in Port Aransas that are in need of supplies.

While we are grateful to have been spared from this hurricane, we keep in mind those who were not and all that they lost. We have the chance to show our support by helping as much as we can.This hurricane, although devastating, has helped all of us see how lovingly Texas has come together to lend a helping hand to the people who desperately need it.