Panthers in the Playoffs

Both the Boys and Girls Soccer Teams in the Playoffs

Panthers in the Playoffs

Gabriel Donaghy, Staff Writer

Medina Valley varsity soccer teams have made it to the playoffs. Though their time in the playoffs has come to an end, let us document both the highs and lows of the soccer playoffs this year.


The boy’s varsity team started off their playoffs with a match against Brackenridge, with a tie game for the entire first half. The Panthers went into the second half with a mindset to win, and so they did, with Mateo Huerta and Jorge Patino scoring goals. It was a hard-fought game but in the end, MVHS won the bi-district championship. 

The girl’s varsity team then went away with a 9-0 win against Brackenridge having absolute control of the match. Like the boys, they also had a slower start to their first half, scoring one goal, with the remaining 8 to follow in the second half. 

They then both went on to fight one of the top schools for soccer in Texas for the Area Championship, Dripping Springs. The Boys held off the other team for the first 30 minutes, then the first goal was made by the enemy team within the next 10 minutes, and 4 more goals were scored. After the second half, they scored 4 more. They did our best to hold off this elite team, but they will be ready next year. This year, however, they finished third in the district. 


Albeit a shorter season we would have wanted, the boy’s team made MVHS history winning their regional trophy and the girl’s team showed what they are made of to our district again.