Vol. 20


Anna Adams, Staff Writer/ Editor

April Fools

Mojang began adding joke features on April Fools’ Day in 2011. When players spawned into their worlds in 2011, a naturally generated chest would appear. However, it would come with a message that said it needed a key to be unlocked. Said key could be found in a “Minecraft store,” which featured items such as mining helmets and creeper saddles. However, these special items could not actually be bought.


By 2013, Mojang was back at it after doing absolutely nothing in 2012.  For a day, Java Edition 2.0 was released, featuring items like slabs of TNT and torches that would eventually burn out. Special mobs, like diamond chickens and pink withers, were also included. 


Villagers took over the game in 2014. All player skins had villager textures and the sound effects all used audio provided by Element Animation, meaning that every sound effect was narrated by villagers. A resource pack with these sound effects has since then been made available.


The Love and Hugs Update was released in 2015. A love meter replaced the health bar, all particles were replaced with heart particles, and items like obsidian boats were available. Generating a superflat world would reveal a QR code that, when scanned, would read, “Minecraft 1.9: The Combat Update.”


Technology made its way into the game in the Trendy Update of 2016. Some features include USB charging blocks, reality vision goggles, curfews, smarter watches, and ankle monitors that could not be removed. 


Instead of an update, Mojang released a fake trailer for Mine & Craft Digital Leisure Device in 2017. This fake product bore a resemblance to the Nintendo devices.


New textures were added in the 2018 prank. However, these joke textures were deliberately awful to the eye.


In 2019, the game adopted numerous references to retro video games. From the loading screen to available game modes to an order form, the game took on a very 90s style.


The Ultimate Content Update, or Infinity Snapshot, was released in 2020. Different dimensions with randomized elements were available to the player, with countless combinations allowing for endless exploration.


Most recently, in 2021, Minecraft Plus! was released as a screensaver app. Textures from the game could be used as screensavers for PCs.


Bonus Fact

Pillagers without crossbows will not attack the player, but the player will still be unable to sleep when in close proximity due to the You may not rest now, there are monsters nearby message.



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