Panthers Celebrate April Fools’ Day


Anna Adams, Staff Writer/ Editor

Since the Middle Ages, people have entered April with mischievous goals in mind. Centuries later, this tradition, now known as April Fools’ Day, continues to inspire modern pranksters. Here at Medina Valley, even our fellow Panthers participate in these springtime shenanigans. 

“[I] pranked the hospital and my mom,” junior Klarissa Gaitan said. Faking a black eye, Gaitan blamed her injury on her sister before being rushed to the hospital by her mother.

Back in fifth grade, sophomore Alicia Ostrander revealed, she and her friends taped signs to the backs of their victims. While she felt that her prank was “funny and innocent,” Ostrander also recalled a more “cruel” prank circulating at the time. That same day, she had heard of classmates who would actually go to the lengths of pretending to break up with their partners.

“I slept in and missed the bus,” junior Gabriel Donaghy said. However, this mishap was not entirely an accident. On April Fools’ Day, a friend tricked Donaghy into believing that there would be no school the next day, the second of April. The next day, Donaghy woke refreshed- and in a rush.

Meanwhile, junior Shelby Cook took some sneaky measures to pursue her antics. After mysteriously obtaining invisible ink, Cook poured it on a victim’s shirt. Whether the victim ever found out remains unknown.

Even family gets in on the fun, as revealed by junior Samantha Morales. Last year, she got out of the shower to discover baby powder in her blow dryer. Then, on the way back to her room, she fell backward because the door frame had been covered in plastic wrap.

Get set for April, because mischief is right around the corner. What kind of monkey business have you been involved in?


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