Vol. 19


Anna Adams, Staff Writer/ Editor


Like horses, llamas are tamed with an empty hand, not with a food item. Unlike horses, players cannot steer tamed llamas.

Llamas come in four variants and naturally spawn in savanna or mountain biomes.

Llamas have four distinct color variants.

Llamas never sink in water; they will float on the surface instead.

Llamas prefer to float.

Like donkeys and mules, llamas can be equipped with chests but may not have as much inventory space; their inventories have random amounts of available space.

This llama has six slots of invertory space…
… and this llama has nine slots of inventory space.

In Peaceful Mode, llamas are the only mobs capable of dealing damage, which they do via spitting. When a llama or a wandering trader is attacked, the llama will begin spitting in retaliation. Llamas can begin to fight each other if one hits the other while spitting. Wild wolves will run away from llamas, and llamas will spit at wolves even if they are unprovoked.

Llamas enjoy spitting at wolves.

Hay bales can be used to breed tamed llamas, but wandering llamas cannot be bred.

These trader llamas, like mules, cannot be bred.

When a llama is tethered to a lead, up to eight nearby llamas will follow.

The llamas form a caravan.

Llamas were added to the game after being voted over alpacas in a poll.

Instead of a saddle, carpets can be placed on llamas; each carpet has a unique design that will remain visible even if the llama has been given the Invisibility effect.

From a bandit design…
… to a creeper design….
… to an enderman design, llamas have many designs to choose from.

Bonus Fact

The phantom was the first mob that was voted into the game by fans.

Phantoms have officially been voted into the game.


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