Teamwork Leads FPS To State


Anna Adams, Staff Writer/ Editor

After a successful competition in January, our Future Problem Solvers have been invited to the State Bowl in April. This means that five of our teams are among the top ten percent FPS teams in Texas.

“In our most recent competition, we were given a scenario where mammal meat is no longer a major protein source,” freshman Lori Zimmerman said, who explained that FPS competes by evaluating solutions for futuristic situations. 

“I feel like I’m in some dystopian world and I’m in charge of fixing one of our crazy issues,” senior Brennah Birkholz said, who is also a fan of science fiction and creative writing. Although her team occasionally struggles with miscommunication, she feels that they do well since each member has unique talents. 

“Honestly, we made [it] this far because we are creative and are very good at remembering the steps; we’re just a great team.”

“I am super excited and am very appreciative of my team members and our hard work; we made it this far because of our hard work and teamwork,” junior Jenna Boehme said, who has been in FPS since sixth grade and is motivated by her teammates. She has plans to compete well at state this year and qualify for state again next year.

“In seventh grade, I made it to state and participated, even during COVID,” freshman Logan Diaz said, who hopes to make it to state again this year and possibly earn a scholarship. “I’m a little nervous but excited only because we have a group of three.”

FPS teammates always look out for one another, and as said by Diaz, “May the best team advance on to the next round.” Wish FPS good luck at their state competition!