Swim Goes to State

Two Panthers Qualify For State

Swim Goes to State

Gabriel Donaghy, Staff Writer

Some of the greats in swimming such as Michael Phelps, Jenna Boehme, and Jett Winkler- ah, got ya, thought I was gonna say someone like Mark Spitz. No, for being a town not so known for its lakes or any types of bodies of water besides the obvious Medina Lake, Castroville has given us two swimming greats headed for states. 

Junior Jenna Boehme and Senior Jett Winkler have both been competing against many teams in the area in order to qualify for their now state-run, recently winning regionals to do so. Jett Winkler (seen left in the picture below) placed 2nd in the Butterfly Stroke while Boehme (right) placed 2nd in the Breaststroke. Those are the facts, but what about the actual substance, the players, and the coaches? Here are some of what they had to say about making it on to State Finals. 

Winkler (left) and Boehme (right) with their medals after winning regionals. (PC: MVHS Newsletter)

Before the State Finals, Jett Winkler was interviewed on his feelings about going into the State Finals, “I don’t have any expectations I am trying to beat, I have already beat the expectations I have set for myself, everything I wanted to do I have exceeded and just hope to do good at the Finals.” But in the week of the state final tragedy struck, Winkler became sick and lost 12 pounds; however, this did not stop him from competing in the match where he was able to reach his previous personal best. The Panthers did well for themselves at the State finals, putting up a good showing against their opponents. However, now they look to the future with Boehme saying “It was a good experience, but now I am excited in getting prepared for next year where I think we can go further.”

The overall attitude of the team seems to be pride in what they have accomplished this year but even more anticipation for the next. We are excited to see what happens next year and will not how far MV swim went this year.