Vol. 17


Anna Adams, Staff Writer/ Editor

Guardians and Elder Guardians

Three elder guardians spawn in ocean monuments – one on top and two on each side- and do not despawn; guardians need a space of water at least two blocks high to spawn.

When they were first added, elder guardians were immune to fire and lava.

They both drop up to 10 experience points.

Both variants can live outside of water and will exhibit a bouncing animation. When spawned on slime blocks (manually, not naturally), they can bounce up to 17 blocks high.

The guardians jump with joy to be on land.

They drop prismarine crystals, prismarine shards, and raw fish; elder guardians will always drop a wet sponge. The odds of a guardian or elder guardian dropping a clownfish is among one of the rarest drops in the game.

An elder guardian has dropped a wet sponge and a raw cod.

Even if the player is invisible or in Creative mode, their eyes will follow the player.

This guardian always has its eye out for the player.

In the guardian and elder guardian texture files, jeb is written in an unused part of each texture.


Their spikes and their laser beams deal damage. Their laser attacks can be enhanced by the Strength status effect. 

When targeted, moving behind a solid block or moving within two blocks of the guardian will disrupt the flow of the laser beam; moving within two blocks of a guardian will also cause it to retract its spikes.

When too close to a player, a guardian will retract its spikes…
… which elder guardians will also do.

Even if a player or aquatic mob is invisible, guardians will still attack.

Elder guardians can afflict players within a radius of 50 blocks with the Mining Fatigue effect. If their spikes are extended while attacking with their laser beams, they will deal an extra four health points’ (two hearts) worth of damage.

Technically, the eye of the guardian is its head; it required entire head textures to make such a large eye.

This mob has quite a large head.

Guardians have 23 different sound effects, which is more than any other mob in the game has.

Bonus Fact

In 2014, Mojang made all players look like villagers for an April Fools prank.



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