Sports Get Ready To Take On Spring


Anna Adams, Staff Writer/ Editor

Boys Powerlifting

On January 12, the Panthers claimed first place overall at the Natalia Mustangs Powerlifting Invitational. Of the 12 boys that competed, 9 placed and 7 took home medals. Joshua Bazan, CJ Beal, Seth Bullard, and Eric Lopez all placed first in their respective weight classes. Joseph Bazan and Bobby Peterson placed second in their respective weight classes. DJ McCulley placed third in his weight class and won his first Heavy Weight Lifter Award.

On the 29th, the boys took over Uvalde with Joseph Bazan in first place and Patrick Jass in fourth place.

Girls Powerlifting

On January 19, the ladies placed third overall at the TSS meet, qualifying for the regional meet. Five girls earned medals in their weight classes, with Erin Muren in third place, Viviana Diaz in second place, Mary Aguirre in second place, Leah Bazan in first place, and Giselle Baldwin in first place.

At Uvalde on the 29th, the girls also led the way with Leah Bazan in first place, Mary Aguirre in second place, Nasha Thomas in fourth place, and Maddison Bullard in fourth place. 

Girls Basketball

On January 11, the Varsity Panthers remained the only undefeated team in the district after a victory against the formerly unbeaten Southside team by 58-26. Leading the way were: Clara Arroyos with 8 rebounds, 8 points, 5 assists, 7 steals, and 6 deflections; Morgan Henrich with 11 points, 4 assists, and 5 steals; and Aubree Davidson with 11 points. JV followed suit with a win against Southside by 48-12, led by Myranda Perales with 11 points and Abigail Beal with 8 points. 

By January 14, the Varsity girls were back in action with a 77-40 triumph against Southwest Legacy. Stars of the night include: Kaylyn Persyn with 15 points, 7 rebounds, and 6 steals; Ileana Morales with 13 points; and Clara Arroyos with 12 points, 5 assists, and 6 steals. JV left victorious with a score of 73-30, led by: Kynlee Crisp with 15 points; Cara Garcia with 12 points; and Abigail Beal with 10 points.

On January 17, the freshman team beat the Southside Cardinals by 35-22, led by: Tori Ruffin, with 10 points and 10 rebounds; and Arielle Chichester with 6 points and 10 steals.

Back in action by the 18th, the Varsity team beat Eagle Pass Winn by 64-22. Remarkable players include Kaylyn Persyn, with 10 points, and Clara Arroyos, with 11 points, 9 deflections, and 7 steals.

On the 21st, the team battled Floresville for a victory by 59-39. Outstanding plays were made by Ileana Morales, with 23 points, and Kaylyn Persyn with 8 deflections, 9 steals, and 15 points.

That same day, JV also beat Floresville, led by Abigail Beal with 10 points and Grace Medley with 7 points. 

To add on to the victory, the freshman team also beat Floresville, led by Tori Ruffin with 6 points, Arielle Chichester with 5 points, and Destiny Straughter with 5 points.

On the 23rd, JV dominated CC Winn by 48-14. Awesome plays were made by Kynlee Crisp with 11 points, Grace Medley with 10 points, and Abigail Beal, with 8 points.

JV went back to work on the 25th, beating the Southwest Dragons by 44-13, led by Abigail Beal with 11 points and Olliana Witchet with 9 points

Varsity beat McCollum on the 28th by 39-18, star players including Abigail Beal with 12 points, Campbele Aldridge with 7 points, and Olliana Witchet with 7 points.

That same night, the freshmen also beat McCollum.

On the 30th, Varsity beat the Southwest Dragons by 58-27, led by Ileana Morales with 11 points, Kaylyn Persyn with 10 points, and Clara Arroyos with 13 points and 12 rebounds. Then, Rihanna Perez scored 6 points in another game against Southwest High, with a Panther victory by 22-8.

Boys Basketball

On January 18, the boys fought hard but lost to Eagle Pass by 63-43, led by Tanner Vaughn with 11 points and Iverson McCray with 10 points.

That same day, the freshmen fought hard to earn their victory against Eagle Pass by 57-37. Leaders on the court include Nason Sanchez with 15 points, Zach Linson with 8 points, and Isaiah Williams with 8 points.

By the 21st, however, Varsity struck back and defeated Floresville by 59-30. Scorers include Tanner Vaughn with 16 points, George Valdez with 15 points, Iverson McCray with 13 points, and Ace Anderson with 12 points.

That same Friday, JV beat Floresville spectacularly with a flawless score of 13-0.

Along with the other teams, the freshmen won Friday night against Floresville by 61-34. Stars on the court include Nason Sanchez, Zach Linson, and Isaiah Williams.

On January 25, Varsity beat Southwest by 59-57, led by Ace Anderson, Tymere Garrett, and Iverson McCray.

That same day, the freshmen beat Southwest. The A team won by 77-62, led by Isaiah Williams with 15 points, Nason Sanchez with 14 points, and Zach Linson with 14 points. The B team beat the Dragons by 56-45 led by Rowen Parkhurst with 17 points.

A turn of events took place on the 28th for Varsity as the Panthers lost to McCollum in a close game by 56-42. Iverson McCray scored ruthlessly with a total of 21 points.

Meanwhile, JV responded to a past loss against Southwest with a new victory by 7 points. On the 28th, they also beat McCollum by 2 points.

The freshmen also made an appearance on the 28th, beating McCollum. The A team beat McCollum by 73-56, led by Zach Linson with 21 points, Isaiah Williams with 17 points, and Nason Sanchez with 16 points. The B team beat McCollum by 57-50.

Boys Soccer

On January 13, Varsity fought hard against Hondo but lost 2-1. Leaders of the night include Travis Barton and Alan Segura.

Determined to win, JV pushed ahead on January 15 and defeated the Highland Owls. Memorable players in that game include Pedro Sandoval, Michael Tomaselli, Jorge Patino, Axel Mendez, Oscar Gonzalez, Luis Mendoza, and Rudy Tapia.

Hondo put up a fight on January 17, beating the JV Panthers by 3-2.

On January 23, Varsity played hard but lost by a hair to the Fredericksburg Billies by 3-2. Star players include Jorge Patino and Travis Barton.

On January 28, Varsity beat McCollum with the aid of Joaquin Rodriguez, Colton Harvey, Justin Betancourt, Travis Barton, Jorge Patino, Axel Mendez, and David Solis.

On the 30th, JV battled Southwest but lost 3-1, led by unwavering players Rocco Parra and Pedro Sandoval.

Meanwhile, Varsity had a similar struggle, losing to Southwest by 5-1 but with great support from Jorge Patino.

Girls Soccer

On January 11, the Varsity team of  Hondo stood no chance against the JV Panthers as they won  4-0. Highlighted players include Delilah Cardenas with 3 goals and Izzy Ruiz with 1 goal.

Though the Varsity Panthers lost to Boerne on January 15, they had a successful game in the Southwest Showcase with a victory of 3-2. Star players include: Hailey Leflett with 2 goals; Nadia Reyna with 1 goal and 1 assist; Brooke Piper with 1 goal; Paetyn Ellis with 1 assist; Cari Schott with 1 goal and 1 assist; Alyssa Salazar with 1 goal; and with Bella Hernandez with 1 assist.

Later, JV won the Pleasanton Tournament by 2-0-1.

On the 25th, JV beat Southwest flawlessly by 1-0 with remarkable help from freshman Emily Janosky. 

On the 28th, Varsity beat McCollum by 4-1, led by Brooke Piper with 1 goal, Carrie Schott with 1 goal, and Nadia Reyna with 2 goals.

Varsity fought hard in their first district game on the 30th but lost to Southwest by 1-3, with Nadia Reyna contributing a point.


At the Brennan Spring Spectacular tournament on January 14, the Varsity team had nearly every member win a category. Victors include Bowen Forman, Kassidee Webb, Alex Oberhauser, Aaron Sharber, Emily DeLaFuente, Diana Politron, Ameenah Wilson, Eric Schroeder, Colin McCauley, Hank Moellenberg, Victoria Vause, Ryan Quiroz, Connor Stone, Ashlee Riff, Carolina Pinales, Madeline Przybylski, and Gavin Kanak.

 Meanwhile, JV had similar success at the Brennan Tournament. Elena Harb and Chrissy Hester won first place in girls doubles, Leah Bazan and Walker English won a mixed doubles consolation, and Joseph Rangel won a boys singles consolation.

On January 19, JV competed in San Marcos. Munira Wilson won the Girls Singles Championship.

On the 21st, Varsity competed in San Marcos. Ameenah Wilson and Eric Schroeder advanced to the main draw semi-finals. Kassidee Webb advanced to the consolation finals for girls singles.

JV was back at it on the 27th, competing at the Harlan Invitational Tennis Tournament. Madison Paxson lasted the longest, advancing to the third round.


The Boys placed second overall and the girls placed third overall at their latest meet. Champions of the pool include: Jett Winkler in the 200 Medley Relay, 100 Butterfly, and 100 Backstroke; “swimmer of the meet” Jonah Winkler in the 200 Medley Relay; Garrett Davis in the 200 Medley Relay and the 400 Free Relay; Lazarus Maldonado in the 200 Medley Relay and the 500 Freestyle; Jenna Boehme in the 100 Breaststroke, who also set a district record; Dylan Allen in the 100 Freestyle and the the 400 Free Relay; and Tommy Miebach in the 400 Free Relay.


Joe Tarvin, who plays as the defensive end, was named in the 2021 Whataburger Super Team.

Great job, Panthers! Get ready to SPRING into the upcoming season!