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Anna Adams, Staff Writer/ Editor

Glow Squids

Though they appear to glow, glow squids actually do not produce any light and do not contribute to their surrounding light level.

The mob itself is bright, but its surroundings are not lit up.

When attacked, glow squids will temporarily stop glowing for five seconds. 

Upon death, they will drop glow ink sacs, which can be used to craft glow item frames or to make sign text glow; to revert glowing text to its default form, use a normal ink sac on the sign.

Using a glow ink sac on a sign makes it light up and unlocks an advancement.

Unlike normal squids, glow squids typically spawn on underground levels below Y30 in the dark; stone, andesite, diorite, granite, tuff, or deepslate must also be within a certain radius.

Axolotls and both guardian variants prey on glow squids.

Baby glow squids are available on Bedrock Edition and have a five percent chance of naturally spawning.


Glow squids are the first mobs from a spin-off game- which, in this case, happens to be Minecraft Earth- to be officially added to Minecraft; they were also added to Minecraft Dungeons.

Even when under the Invisibility effect, the particles glow squids emit will remain visible.

Like normal squids, glow squids spawn in groups of two to four and share the same behavior.

Leads can be attached to glow squids.

A player takes their pet glow squid for a walk- well, in this case, swim.

Bonus Fact

Cleric villagers wear robes that have the creeper’s face.

The backside of a cleric reveals a familiar face.


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