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Raw food items can be cooked on lit campfires, but no experience points will be given. This method cooks up to four food items at a time, takes 30 seconds, and does not require fuel. Non-food items cannot be smelted using campfires.

Rain cannot extinguish the fire, but throwing a splash water bottle or placing water from a bucket can. Otherwise, the fire will never go out.

Rain cannot extinguish campfires…
… but splash water bottles…
… are quite effective.

Campfires can be used to keep bees passive.

Normal campfires produce a light level of 15 and soul campfires produce a light level of 10.

Soul campfires are very dim light sources…
… while normal campfires provide much more visibility.

The smoke particles usually last up to 10 seconds, but placing a hay bale beneath a campfire will lengthen their duration. Their duration and large size make them visible from a distance, features which can be used as makeshift beacons or landmarks.

Campfires can be useful as landmarks…
… and hay bales make the smoke particles last longer.

Depending on the distance from the campfire, blocks and trapdoors can block the flow of smoke particles to varying extents.

Standing on a campfire deals damage, unless it is extinguished. 

Extinguished campfires can be used in bridges or other structures since they do not deal damage.

On Bedrock Edition, campfires naturally generate in taiga and snowy taiga villagess.

Fisherman villagers may offer to trade campfires for emeralds.

Campfires can be bought from villagers.

Food can only be placed on a lit campfire, but if the campfire is extinguished after the food is placed, the food will remain on the campfire because it has not been fully cooked.

Undercooked food items remain on an extinguished campfire.

Campfires can be lit with flint and steel, fire charges, and flaming arrows.

The Ender Dragon

Notch has confirmed the ender dragon to be female and nicknamed her “Jean”. 

Defeating the ender dragon will most likely involve destroying end crystals because they provide regeneration to the dragon whenever it takes damage.

End crystals give the ender dragon regenerative effects.

The ender dragon is immune to most status effects, so potions will not be very useful in causing damage.

She is the largest mob in the game, has the largest hitbox, and drops the most experience points.


In Bedrock Edition, the ender dragon was added after the wither, unlike all other versions.

To earn the Free The End achievement, the player must kill the ender dragon. 

Defeating the ender dragon is quite the advancement…
… and the ender dragon has a unique death animation.

When killed for the first time, the ender dragon will drop 12,000 experience points. Any dragon respawned in the same world will only drop 500 experience points upon death.

Once defeated, an ender dragon egg will spawn over an end portal. The egg will teleport if the player attempts to mine it, but it can be collected in a different way: place a torch a block below the block with the egg, then break the block holding the egg so the egg falls and hits the torch as an item.

An ender dragon egg and thousands of experience points can be earned by slaying the ender dragon.

The ender dragon can attack by expelling a cloud of dragon’s breath. This can be picked up with a glass bottle and used in potions; collecting dragon’s breath also unlocks an achievement.

Collect dragon’s breath to make an advancement.

To respawn an ender dragon without using commands, craft four end crystals and place them around the outside edges of the end portal; they will only work on an obsidian or bedrock surface. Doing so will respawn the ender dragon and respawn all end crystals (some or all may have been destroyed in previous battles). However, the four end crystals placed around the end portal will blow up soon after respawning the ender dragon.

Correctly placed end crystals…
… regenerate all previously destroyed end crystals…
… before resurrecting the ender dragon itself.

Successfully respawning the ender dragon will earn The End… Again… achievement and close the end portal until she is killed.

The ender dragon has returned.

Bonus Fact

Currently, tridents are not craftable. A well-known strategy involves killing drowneds and hoping they drop a trident, which is an extremely rare occurrence, but there is an easier method. When a drowned is wielding a trident, throw a nautilus shell at it. This should cause it to drop the trident and pick up the nautilus shell, allowing the player to pick up the trident.

Drowneds provide the opportunity to obtain a trident.


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