Area In Sight For Talented Panthers


Anna Adams, Staff Writer/ Editor

On Monday, November 15, eight Panthers auditioned in the pre-area round of roles in the TEMA All-State Choir. Three of them will be moving on to the Area round of auditions in January: Jordan Moore, Anthony Cortinas, and Avyan Gonzales. 

“I’m in choir because I love music, and being able to sing,” senior and tenor section leader Jordan Moore said. “My love and passion for music motivates me.” Moore, who has never advanced this far before, has fun competing but is not immune to the anxiety that comes with it. However, he is always prepared by practicing his vocals, learning his music, and remembering to stay calm. Before performing, he plays card games with his friends to ease the tension. 

Senior Jordan Moore

“I’m gonna be the first person since 2006 to make all-state choir,” freshman and tenor Anthony Cortinas optimistically said, fueled by passion and plenty of practice. The “best voice in middle school” is excited to have gotten so far and has high hopes, aiming to go to state for all four years of high school. His girlfriend’s ring is his lucky charm for competitions, and once he opens his mouth for the judges, his focus is on advancing.

Freshman Anthony Cortinas

“It’s amazing being with a group of people who have an interest in singing and who aren’t afraid to sing,” senior and bass Avyan Gonzales said, who is nervous but happy about advancing to Area for the first time. “I do it less for competition, the sound a choir can make after practice is amazing.” Since his first year of middle school, Gonzales has been in choir and has had quite a bit of practice. Auditions can be difficult for him because the music is occasionally in a foreign language and he has to practice different dialects. However, right before a competition, he reminds himself not to be too stressed and to remember how much he loves singing.

Senior Avyan Gonzales

Good luck, Panthers, and may you continue to sing on!