Alumna Reappears As Teacher


Anna Adams, Staff Writer/ Editor

High school alumni bring inspiration and enthusiasm, but some go the extra mile and return to their schools as teachers. English teacher and swim coach Jordyn Kinnett will be starting her career here this year, who is also a Panther graduate. Let’s help our alumna get her career going with a warm welcome.

Aside from her passion for literature, Kinnett’s interests include embroidering, painting, drawing, working out, playing sand volleyball, and bungee jumping. Her cat is named Bagheera, like the panther from The Jungle Book.

Before starting kindergarten, Kinnett lived in four different states: Ohio, Indiana, Florida, and Hawaii. Then, she moved to Texas, where she began her education. 

“Elementary and middle school were okay, but I loved high school,” Kinnett said. “It felt good to be a part of a community and my graduating class was so small you basically knew everyone, which was really nice.” In high school, she represented the Panthers in track and volleyball; she was also a PACE student for Coach Herb. After high school, she went to The University of Texas at Austin for three years to practice teaching classes and graduated with a degree in English and Kinesthesiology. Now, she is returning to Medina Valley as a teacher and an assistant swim coach.

“I actually used to be terrible at English,” Kinnett revealed. “In fact, my teacher in elementary school told my mom I may have to be held back.” With hard work and extra hours of reading, Kinnett made a comeback in third grade with a high school reading level. Since then, she has been an avid reader and believes that she can similarly influence her students’ lives by encouraging them to achieve success.

“I used to go to school here and I just couldn’t stay away for long,” Kinnett said. Once a Panther, always a Panther!