New Member Brings Fresh Round of Creativity


Anna Adams, Staff Writer/ Editor

Art class and Intro to Culinary Arts have gained a new staff member this year, Emily Stricker. With 11 years of teaching experience and a lifetime of creativity, Stricker is up for a round of education at Medina Valley.

“[Cooking] is another art form,” Stricker said, who teaches Culinary Arts along with Art. “ I love teaching because I love art. I love seeing how the students interpret the lesson and their creativity. So many approaches and ideas I never would have thought of.” Prior to receiving her teacher certification, she refined her artistic experience by working as a painter in Colorado. Today, she paints in her free time and is “always working on some sort of project” at home.

“ I LOVE not having to shovel the snow out of the driveway or scrape ice off my windshield,” Stricker said, who was born in Oklahoma but raised in Colorado. “It is beautiful up there but I am tired of being cold!” Before moving to Texas, she studied studio arts and graduated from Colorado State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting; before graduating, she also studied abroad in Dubai. A few years later, she earned a Masters in Education and a teaching certificate. Officially a teacher, she taught in Wyoming for six years until she moved to Texas in 2016. Then, she taught at Jourdanton before finally coming to Medina Valley for her 12th year of teaching.

“I hope to make some great units and lessons for my classes that I can return to next year,” Stricker said. “I also hope to make some good friends with my new colleagues.” Giving Ms. Stricker a warm welcome, let the creativity flow!