Counselors Recruit Go-Getter


Anna Adams, Staff Writer/ Editor

Castroville is growing, and so is our school. The counselors have taken in a new coworker, Tonyia Fleming, and she is eager to join our community for her 14th year in education.

Born in Palo Alto, California, Fleming moved to San Antonio at age seven and has lived there for most of her life, with the exception of eight years in Houston. Today, she enjoys playing trivia games, reciting movie quotes, and is considering adopting a dog.

“I loved going to school,” Fleming said, who has been wholehearted about school since childhood. “Whenever I was absent, I kept thinking about what the kids were doing and what I was missing out on.” The first nine years of her career were spent teaching, mainly in the special education department. Her reputation for building close relationships with students led to encouragement in becoming a counselor, so she attended graduate school to get a degree necessary for application. Then, she spent four years as a school counselor for middle schoolers before coming here for her first year as a counselor at a high school.

“I want to see all of my seniors graduate on time,” Fleming said, whose goals lie in helping students succeed. “I would like to see them go off to college, military, tech or vocational school or start working in the job market.” She feels that it is her duty to aid students by teaching skills and helping develop attitudes that are imperative for social and emotional development. By helping prepare for future academic and professional environments, her input helps set a foundation for success.

“From what I’ve been told by staff and students, this school is traditional,” Fleming said, who has advice to offer on the subject. “Nothing wrong with traditions, but we must adapt to today’s times as well so we can address the issues of today and grow.” Let’s move forward with our new counselor!