Vol. 14


Anna Adams, Staff Writer/ Editor


Stained glass will change the color of the beacon ray; stained glass panes will not be visible but will still change the ray color.

The beacon ray changes color, shade by shade…
… but stained glass panes offer a neater alternative.

Since beacons emit a light level of 15, they can melt snow and ice.

Beacon pyramids can be made out of blocks of diamond, gold, silver, netherite, and emerald. Fully powered pyramids fit perfectly on the second above-ground story of the desert temple.

Crafting a beacon will earn the Bring Home the Beacon achievement.

Crafting a beacon will unlock an achievement.

Constructing a fully powered beacon pyramid will unlock the Beaconator advancement.

Building a fully powered beacon rewards the player with an achievement.

A beacon will give status effects to the player whenever within a certain radius according to which energy level it is currently at. 

Beacon rays pass through water, lava, and non-solid blocks.

Beacon rays can pass through non-solid blocks, such as trapdoors.

A beacon pyramid can have up to four levels. Powers can be activated by inserting a diamond, an emerald, an iron ingot, a gold ingot, or a netherite ingot.

A beacon GUI offers powers for a two-level beacon pyramid.

The types of powers beacons offer include Speed, Haste, Resistance, Jump Boost, Strength, and Regeneration; a fully powered beacon will increase the strength of the powers made available at the lower levels.


Bats can only hang from opaque blocks. 

Bats can only hang from opaque blocks, such as carved pumpkins.
Confused, the bats search for a block to rest on since they cannot hang from transparent blocks like ice or glass.

When the player is within a close distance of a hanging bat, the bat will fly away from its resting place.

They naturally spawn in groups of eight.

Bats naturally spawn below level 63 and at light levels below three. In Flat worlds, they only naturally spawn below the top layer.

Around Halloween, bats will spawn more frequently at higher light levels.

They are the only mob with six health points (three hearts). They do not drop experience points or any items.

A bat dies…
… and drops nothing.

Since bats use echolocation (they feature squeaking sound effects), they can detect mobs under the Invisibility effect.

Leads do not work on bats.

Originally, bats could activate pressure plates, but the feature was removed.

Bats do not recognize lava and may fly into it. However, they are not immune to lava and will catch fire.

A bat has flown into lava and is now on fire.

When they were first added, they had no sound effects until a month after their release. They have an unused sound effect for flying.

In Minecraft Dungeons, bats have different animations.


Bats are programmed with the tendency to fly eastward.

Unlike other mobs, bats cannot push players.

Bats used to be able to trample crops by flying into them, but this feature was removed.

Bonus Fact

The bobbing of striders’ heads was originally an unintentional development but the developers decided to add this feature into the game.



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