Vol. 13


Anna Adams, Staff Writer/ Editor


On Bedrock Edition, vindicators that spawn in Woodland Mansions will remain neutral. On Peaceful mode in Bedrock Edition, vindicators will still spawn but will not attack the player. 

A neutral vindicator lounges in a Woodland Mansion.

Vindicators can spawn on illager patrols or in raids. In raids, they can spawn riding ravagers.

In their texture file, vindicators have an unused layer featuring a hat.

The vindicator texture file reveals an unused hat.

In raids, they can open and break doors. When they win raids, they raise their arms in a “V” shape.

Vindicators are one of the strongest mobs, dealing up to 19 health points (9.5 hearts) of damage per hit on Hard mode. They attack with iron axes, with a small chance of them spawning with enchanted axes. Their attacks can disable shields for up to five seconds at a time.

A vindicator rushes in an attack.

Normally, a vindicator can drop an emerald, its iron axe, an iron sword, iron tools, iron armor, or an enchanted book; if it spawns as a raid captain, it will drop an Ominous banner.  However, using a Looting enchantment increases the chance of it dropping up to four emeralds in Java Edition, or up to five emeralds in Bedrock Edition. Using a Looting enchantment on a vindicator spawned during a raid can make it drop up to 16 emeralds.

Vindicators that are naturally generated in Woodland Mansions will not despawn.

On Java Edition, vindicators have blue eyes, while they have green eyes in all other versions of the game.

Vindicators on Java Edition sport blue eyes.

Usually, vindicators are only hostile toward players, snow golems, iron golems, villagers, and wandering traders. Naming a vindicator “Johnny” with a nametag will cause it to attack every mob, except for ghasts and other illagers (in Java Edition, it will attack ravagers). This phenomenon is most likely a reference to The Shining.

‘Johnny’ attempts to kill a creeper.


Like vindicators, evokers will raise their arms in a “V” shape when they win a raid. In Bedrock Edition, an evoker can spawn riding a ravager during a raid. 

Evokers can, given the right conditions, spawn an unlimited amount of vexes.

An evoker enlists the aid of vexes when provoked.

During raids, evokers can open doors.

Up to five evokers can spawn during a raid.

They can drop up to four emeralds with Looting enchantments, a totem of undying, and if it spawned as a raid leader, an Ominous Banner. 

When a blue sheep is within 16 blocks of an evoker, the evoker will produce an exclusive sound effect and turn its wool red; this is a reference to Age of Empires.

A pair of evokers spot a blue sheep…
… and proceed to turn it red.

Evokers can spawn as reinforcements for other illagers.

In Woodland Mansions, only a limited number of evokers can spawn; once these evokers die, they will not respawn.

This evoker, which naturally spawned in a Woodland Mansion, will not respawn after dying.

On Peaceful mode, evokers can still spawn but will not attack the player.

Evokers also have hats in their texture file.

The evoker texture file also reveals an unused hat.

Killing an evoker for the first time will unlock the Feeling Ill advancement on the Console and Pocket Editions.

When within 12 blocks, the evoker will attack players, iron golems, snow golems, villagers, and wandering traders.

An evoker battles a nearby snow golem.

They can summon up to 16 evoker fangs at once, which will not harm other illagers; if the player spawns evoker fangs, then other illagers can take damage.

During attacks, evokers raise and wave their arms while producing colorful particles.

Bonus Fact

Players can sleep when there is a thunderstorm, but not while it is only raining.

The only time a player can sleep during the day is if there is a thunderstorm.
Bonus content: this ‘sleeping bag’ can be made without mods, nor resource packs. Learn how to make one in upcoming volumes!


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