Arrival of Athletics

Everything that has happened in sports so far

Arrival of Athletics

Gabriel Donaghy, Staff Writer

The past few weeks have been eventful for our athletes: we have had a Cross Country meet, great Volleyball games, legendary Tennis matches, and the start of football season- not to mention the other teams getting ready for their matches coming later this year. Sports at MVHS are ready to take anything on and have proven so thus far. 



On September 21, the Volleyball team squared off against Southside. With all three teams, the Freshmen, Junior Varsity, and Varsity all giving their best efforts and winning against their opponents. With the Freshmen winning two sets, the JV winning two sets and continuing their 4-0 winning streak, and the Varsity winning all three sets in the match. Then they faced off again against another opponent on the 24th,  this time being Southwest Legacy, with the night seeming very similar to the one before with the Freshmen again winning by taking two sets and then the JV doing the same, bringing their record up to 5-0, and finally ending with Varsity, once again, taking three sets. “[in our team]there is never a dull moment, everyone gets along together,” said Samantha Estrada, “I think we were holding strong towards Southwest and kept pushing them to give up.

  Tennis Meets

On September 23, the Tennis Team traveled to Eagle Pass to see if they could keep up their own winning streak of 4-0, both teams came away with the victory at a score of 17-2 securing their streak and likewise to the JV Volleyball team, got themselves to a streak of 5-0. Then again on September 30, Tennis played for the final game for the district, striving to keep their streak, the tennis team played their best against Southwest High School and became District Champions.  “It was a good game, it was fun,” said Eric Schroder, “[we won] because of a good feeling we share.”

  Cross Country

Round Rock, Saturday, September 25, the Panthers competed in the McNeil Invitational Cross Country Invitational. The Girls Varsity Team placed second in the 5A division due to the efforts of all runners involved, including Tanith Chappie, who placed 19th overall. “[Running] gives you a sense of feeling free and there have been so many times I wanted to quit but the sport kept me going,” said Chappie on why she keeps going.Varsity Boys then placed 8th overall in the 5A division against many competitive schools. The JV Girls and Boys teams both placed 10th respectively, each running great races. 


After dealing with a bit of trouble in previous games, the Varsity Panthers team finally  took home the win against the Uvalde Coyotes at the Homecoming Game, dominating the first half and only letting Uvalde score once in the second. With many notable moments, it was a great game that got a great reception from the fans in the stands, cheering the team the entire time of their 34-14 victory. “We were really excited and the team was happy to get the win,” said Johnathan Herrera.

The JV team took on their own Uvalde opponents that night. Beating the Lobos 20-16, the Panthers took the lead 7-0 at first and then fought the rest of the way until the very end of the game.

The Freshman teams both played as well a day earlier, with the Orange Team playing Uvalde at home, winning 36-0 against them, an impressive victory and a precursor for the victories to come the next night. The White Team traveled to Somerset to play the team in their home territory, however this did not deter them, winning 14-8 in the rematch game.

  Let’s Go Panthers!