Meet Coach Medley


Anna Adams, Staff Writer/ Editor

Get to know Matt Medley, who is a new member in our World Geography crew as well as a coach for football and basketball. Having taught and coached for the last 13 years in Midland, TX, this will be his 15th year of teaching overall. 

“I bounced around the state as a kid but have lived in West Texas since 1992,” Medley said. After participating in athletic and academic activities in high school, he went on to college and graduated from the University of Texas Permian Basin in Odessa, TX.  His wife, Janie Medley, is a nurse, and they have three children who currently attend school in the Medina Valley district. The family had moved to the San Antonio area this past July.

“I hope that I can help kids get the light bulb to turn on in class and help them see how much value they bring to those around them,” Medley said. Passionate about social studies and a believer in the importance of integrity, Medley wishes to use his subject to teach students skills they can use in their everyday lives as well as how to become better people.

“My life revolves around sports and my kids,” Medley said. He usually spends his free time taking his children to games and practices, though he admits that he has a knack for “embarrassing [his] teenage daughter with dad jokes.”

“The culture of this school district is amazing,” Medley said. He is “blown away” with how different Medina Valley High School is from the other high schools he has taught at. Let’s keep it that way. Go, Panthers!