New Year, New Faces

Mr. Stephens helps make Medina Valley staff get better and better

Nadine Zenner, Staff Writer

With a new school year comes some new faces that are ready to make a name for themselves. One of these faces is Justin Stephens. 

Stephens attended Medina Valley High School and Southwest Texas State University (SWT). Originally wanting to seek a career in the acting field, he changed his mind and left SWT a year later. He then turned to the University of North Texas for a career in film, but he was deterred by the things being offered. He then decided to attend UTSA, and that is when he gained an interest in Humanities, later earning a BA in English and a BA in Humanities in 2001. 

After college, Stephens thought about law school, but when he found that it was too expensive, he decided to pursue a career in graduate studies in English. 

 He started his teaching career in 2004 at Southwest High School and later on, started teaching at Devine High School. He moved back to Castroville in 2005. In 2006, he started teaching at O’Connor High School, which he stayed at until 2021. Currently, he is teaching Dual Credit English Ⅲ here at MVHS.    

Stephens went into English because he found the true purpose of it and felt that others needed to know the same thing. 

 “I hated English in high school,” Stephens said, “[but] once I discovered the purpose, I knew I had to share it. I thought that I owed it to others to teach the skills I never realized I should have been developing. “

He is motivated by the ideas of his students and by the way they take in information. His goals are to have students leaving his classroom with more confidence in writing an argument. Stephens believes that students should avoid quitting and take advantage of all the opportunities this high school has to offer. 

He loves soccer and coaches for the MVYSA and AAYSA soccer teams, and he participates in a Sunday league.

Knowing how amazing he is, Stephens will make a great addition to the teaching staff here at Medina Valley.