Summer Wars *Spoiler Warning*

A review on the movie becoming more relatable each year


Sam Gueho, Staff Writer

What if the world was controlled by the internet?

In Summer Wars,  the world is controlled by a single click of the mouse to access the internet and everything within reality.  Kenji Koiso uncovers a cryptic code to unleash a virus onto which humanity has no knowledge of.  After the virus spreads, the battle to save humanity from the virus soon begins with a simple question…


How was this virus created, and by who?

The virus,  created by a hacker, was  soon to be sold to the United States Military. But little did the military know that once they released the virus, it would consume and control every avatar on the internet. The virus would  soon  become unstoppable and strong enough for world domination. That is, until a clever family with fast thinking and good skills in Koi-Koi in OZ’s casino world steps in.


What is Koi-Koi?

Koi-Koi is one of the most played Hanafuda games in Japan. The category of this game falls under a matching type style. The rules of the game is to make pairs through 2 matches per turn to score points. The rounds end when one player has made a winning hand. However, if the player feels like they can make another winning hand before the other players make one, the player can choose to “Koi-Koi” instead of taking the points and ending the round.


How can a simple family destroy a power-hungry virus and save humanity?

Since the internet and reality were close to destruction, the Jinnouchi family could not just standby and watch. They tried to figure out a way to save humanity and soon got the idea to play Koi-Koi in OZ’s casino world. Thus  begins the battle and  gambling for users to weaken the virus and win to undo everything the virus has broken and stolen. 


Check out the movie for yourself and watch how the story of the internet and reality unfolds into a virus trying to terrorize and destroy humanity and the internet.