Climate Change

and the wacky plans to combat it


Gabriel Donaghy, Staff Writer

Whether you believe in it or not, climate change is a topic everyone is almost always talking about. But, instead of trying to tell you about the stuff you already know and have heard about, let us talk about the more interesting solutions people are coming up with that are not given as much of a spotlight.

Mimicking a Volcanic Eruption

Apparently, it is possible to have an artificial volcano erupt in order to slow climate change without the death or destruction but instead just having the smoke go up in the air.. According to the US Geological Survey. this would involve making the volcano then once everyone is clear, erupting it from a remote location, causing the smoke to go up into the sky and cover the Earth, creating a “volcanic winter” that they would do every so often to keep the Earth at a reasonable temperature.  

Revival of the Wooly Mammoths

Ben Lamm (left) posing with George Church (right) in front of a recreation of the Wooly Mammoth.

Yes, you read that right. The big-tusked, shaggy ancestors of the elephants from 10,000 years ago are being revived, or at least in the process of being revived. Two men, a Texan entrepreneur and a geneticist professor from Harvard, have teamed up to make a company called “Colossal” in which their sole goal is to bring the Wooly Mammoth back to life. Geneticist Professor George Church has been working on the project for years, and according to entrepreneur Ben Lamm in an interview with Entrepreneur, “Doctor Church has already completed all the hard work, now we just need funding.” If the funding goals are met, they say they can have Wooly Mammoths revived in as soon as six years. The intention behind this is not just for the sake of it–these men plan to set the Wooly Mammoths into the Arctic. By reintroducing them into that environment, the Wooly Mammoths could seal up the hole they left about 10,000 years ago, according to Church, by working as a buffer there against erosion and potentially act as a carbon-dioxide sink to combat global warming.

Painting of Wooly Mammoths by Atanasov Art
Cows eating not garlic

Feeding Cows Garlic

Cows make up 14.5 percent of global emissions, so it would make sense that scientists would look into ways of dealing with this problem, but feeding them garlic? Well, it is based on an actual theory: garlic is known to kill methane-producing stomach bacteria. Scientists believe that minimizing cows’ gaseous emissions will effectively reduce this good chunk of global emissions, so garlic may be an odd way, but it seems to be the least dangerous way in terms of repercussions in nature out of all the ideas so far on the list.  

Putting Sunglasses on the Earth


Well, not actual sunglasses but more like a “Space Ring.” The plan is to send either light-reflecting particles or spacecraft into the atmosphere to form the ring. The only side effect being they would reflect sunlight at night too to create a bunch of tiny defacto moons. Oh, and this would all have a hefty price tag. The spacecraft would cost at most 800 billion dollars while the particles would cost somewhere between 6 and 200 trillion dollars. 


While all of these are just ideas, half of them make me think of Snowpiercer with how the slightest mistake could end disastrously, but I digress. These are just a small portion of the ideas people have had to combat climate change, have you heard of any insane ideas people have had to combat global warming? If so: comment below to share them!

The train from the movie Snowpiercer (2013) where the world freezes over due to a climate change “solution”