7 States, 1 Teacher


Anna Adams, Staff Writer/ Editor

Say hello to Mrs. Wanda Pugh, one of the newest additions to the STEM department. Although she has a Bachelor’s degree in science, she will be teaching math models and geometry this year. She has been teaching for 20 years and Medina Valley will be her eighth Texan school district to teach in.

“I enjoy teaching because I love math, and teenagers are interesting to me,” Pugh said. She wants to show her students the applicability of math to daily life, so she plans to incorporate practical examples into her lessons. Her ultimate goal is not only to help her students to understand math, but to also help them grow to love the subject.

In high school, she participated in Mu Alpha Theta, Discovery Club, National Honor Society, and other academic clubs. Pugh graduated 3rd in her class and went on to earn her Bachelor’s degree at Louisiana Tech University. Originally from Louisiana, she now resides in the Texan city of Boerne. She married Bill Pugh, who was in the United States Air Force, and raised three children while traveling across the United States for the last 20 years. Her family now includes three grandchildren, three dogs, and three cats. 

“I knew the first time we lived in Texas (Abilene) that we would retire here,” Pugh said. “I once grew five inches in eight hours,” Pugh said. The trivia does not end there–she tends to alphabetize the letters in any word she hears, has lived (and taught) in seven different states, has 28 chickens, enjoys sewing, and is a travel enthusiast. 

“I feel that the school year has gotten off to a good start, and I am optimistic about the year and the progress we will all make,” she said, ready to take on the year. Welcome to Medina Valley, Mrs. Pugh!