Wings of Fire

A look into the famous series

Sam Gueho, Staff Writer

Author Tui T. Sutherland is best known for Wings of Fire, a fantasy book series about dragons, war, and adventure. There are currently fourteen books in the series and the fifteenth installation will be released on March 1, 2022.  The book series is mainly about warring dragons who reconcile, only to discover many mysteries about the fable legends of another island. Now, a new form of evil has risen and tries to wreak havoc on both island and dragon kind.

Along these lines, chaos and adventure unfold as the homes of these dragons are explored. Each and every book features disaster and evil, but each time peace is found, it turns out to be another cryptic prophecy with more secrets and mysteries. It is soon to be uncovered by the heroes of Pyrrhia, along with dark enemies  seeking new ways to take and destroy in order  to meet  their darkest desires.  

When Queen Oasis died, war broke out between all three of the Sand Wing princesses. The prophecy tells a story of dragonets of destiny who will come and save the dragons from war and soon bring peace with it. Two princesses share the same fate with death, and one shall learn if she bows to this fate. She will have the power of wings of fire.

After the war was finished, a two thousand year old bracelet that sealed away a powerful dragon. After the bracelet was destroyed it aroused from the mountains to shake the world and cause chaos for others but to bring peace and glory for their tribe. Only a group of students from Jade Mountain can save the continent from the dragon that will soon bring doom to almost all dragon kind.

Pick up the series today to continue reading about what happened to the Heroes of Pyrrhia and all the other dragons during their heroic adventures.