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Anna Adams, Staff Writer/ Editor


Axolotls were added to Minecraft to raise awareness about the endangerment of the species.

Axolotls can spawn in a variety of colors: pink, brown, yellow, cyan, and blue. The blue variant is the rarest with a 1 in 1,200 (or .083 percent) chance of naturally spawning and is the only variant not based on a real type of axolotl- its appearance is based on Mudkip from Pokémon. The green axolotl was developed but remains unreleased.

Axolotls will walk slowly on land toward the nearest body of water; it will die if it is out of water for over five minutes (in real time) unless it is raining.

An axolotl on land walks toward the nearest body of water.

When a player kills a mob that an axolotl is fighting, the player will receive the regeneration effect for a few seconds and the advancement The Healing Power of Friendship. Catching an axolotl in a bucket will award the player with the advancement The Cutest Predator. Axolotls caught in buckets become tame and will swim with the player, attacking any aquatic mobs that attack the player.

Axolotls are involved in some of the advancements players can make.

Water buckets will have the same effect on axolotls as on cod, salmon, pufferfish, and tropical fish. Using a bucket of tropical fish is the only way of feeding and breeding axolotls. Baby axolotls take about 20 minutes (in real time) to reach maturity, but the growth process speeds up by 10 percent each time it is fed by the player via a bucket of tropical fish.

Axolotls can only be fed via buckets of tropical fish.
The growth cycle of a baby axolotl is sped up as it is fed tropical fish.

They are passive toward players but attack all aquatic mobs, with the exception of dolphins and turtles; their attack strength is 2 and they have 14 health points (7 hearts). When an axolotl receives damage, there is a 1 in 3 chance it will play dead, or stay still, for 10 seconds as it regenerates  4 health points (2 hearts); meanwhile, mobs will not attack the axolotl as it regenerates.

Axolotls hunt salmon.
An axolotl attacks a drowned.
An axolotl that has been injured regenerates its health.

Foxes and axolotls make similar sounds.

Using a lead on an axolotl will cause it to rapidly run in circles. 


When any item is dropped in water, any dolphins nearby will play with said item, nosing it around; with that being said, any player that dies near a dolphin may not be able to retrieve all dropped items, for they will have been scattered about by the dolphin.

Dolphins investigate a dropped amethyst shard.
A group of dolphins play a game akin to soccer with a dropped amethyst shard.

Dolphins are typically found in groups.

Raw cod and salmon can be fed to dolphins; in return, the dolphin will gain trust with the player and swim to the nearest shipwreck, buried treasure, or ruins.

Dolphins discover a shipwreck.

Dolphins spawn in all ocean biomes except for frozen oceans.

The dolphin sound effects are from actual audio recordings of dolphins in Sweden; the recordings were made by Samuel Aaberg, the lead sound designer of Mojang at the time.

Before further updates were made, dolphins were able to equip themselves with dropped armor; the armor was not visible on the dolphin, but its health was increased.

Dolphins can be seen leaping.

Out of water, dolphins can survive for up to two minutes (in real time) and will appear to hop on land; if underwater for over two minutes without surfacing, they will drown. They have 10 health points (5 hearts).

Dolphins can leap from one body of water to another if it is near enough.

A dolphin attempts to jump into the neighboring body of water.

Dolphins are neutral and deal 2-4 damage, depending on the difficulty level; if one is hit, all nearby dolphins will also retaliate. However, if a dolphin is killed in a single hit, any nearby dolphins will not become hostile.

The original dolphin featured a neck joint.

The modern dolphin has no neck joint.

Dolphin’s Grace is a status effect that can be given to the player when swimming within a few blocks of any dolphin; it boosts the speed of the player’s horizontal- but not vertical- movement in water.

Bonus Fact

Zombies will continue to follow and attack villagers that have been given the Invisibility Effect.

A zombified villager pursues a villager affected by a splash potion of invisibility.


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