Anna Adams, Staff Writer/ Editor

Meet Mr. Kroon, one of the latest additions to MVHS staff. With a certification to teach Business and Finance  and a Bachelor’s degree in Business, he teaches Business Information Management , Professional Communications , and Dollar Sense . He loves the world of business and wishes to introduce it to his students.

“I feel strongly that introducing students to finances, money management and professional communications is very important and sorely needed in our society,” he said. He wants his students to have something they will be able to carry into their future careers and to incorporate his experience into lessons.

“I have taught, mentored, and developed employees for many years,” Kroon said. Having spent 25 years in the corporate sector of the United States and five years owning his own business, Kroon is not foreign to the concept of teaching despite this being his first year employed as a teacher.

“I’ve lived almost my entire life in Houston,” Kroon said, having moved there at age six. He has seven siblings and his wife has nine. Although he is new to the San Antonio area, Kroon loves it already. Aside from teaching, Kroon babysits his grandchild, takes trips in his RV, sings in his church choir, and goes on hikes; he says that few things are more enjoyable for him than taking a long hike and enjoying nature.

“Be a net producer in life,” Kroon said. His motto, he explains, means that we are all consumers who benefit from others’ love and effort, so we should all try to give more love and effort to outweigh our intake, thus making us net producers.

 “The energy high schoolers bring each and every day is invigorating,” he said. “I feel fantastic about the school year ahead and ready to take it on!” Welcome to Medina Valley, Mr. Kroon!