Let’s got to the Movies

Summertime Hits


Marina Garcia , Student Life and Sports Editor

Movie theaters are back! In the beginning of COVID-19 ,theaters were shut down, but now that the virus has a vaccine that many people are getting, theaters across the country are making a comeback.

So many new movies are coming out this summer, here are the newest blockbuster hits. 


Spiral: From the Book of Saw (May 14) 

This movie is about two detectives played by Chris Rock and Samuel L. Jackson that are investigating the murders of cops. While investigating, the detectives are caught in the murderer’s game. 


Those Who Wish Me Dead (May 14)

This neo-Western is about a smoke jumper played by Angelina Jolie. Jolie, in the movie, finds a boy where she is stationed. She takes the boy under her wing; while they are together they struggle to survive an attack of assassins. This is a perfect thriller for the summer. 


The Woman in the Window (May 14) 

Amy Adams plays Anna, an agoraphobe (a person who has an extreme fear of entering crowded places). But, she becomes friends with one of her neighbors across the street, one night, she sees her neighbor being attacked but after calling the police, they do not believe her. She is determined to find out what is wrong and what that family is hiding. This is a thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat for hours.


Army of the Dead (May 21) 

If you like guns and zombies, this is the perfect movie for you. The setting is unknown, but a group of friends come together to get money for this man, but the money is in now deserted Las Vegas, which is infested with zombies. The friends have to escape the zombies and stick together to make it out alive. 


Cruella (May 28)

The newest Disney movie, Cruella, is about Cruella DeVil’s back story and how she became the way she is. It begins when she is a fashion designer for this cruel woman that opens up the dominant dictating life that Cruella has kept hidden. 


Port Authority (May 28) 

Port Authority is based in New York City. This movie explains and shows the life of many New Yorkers. When a new guy just moves in, he meets Wye, a beautiful street dancer. They instantly connect and become friends. But the more they hang out, the stronger the feelings are and the more the secrets start coming out. They both learn a big secret about each other; through each other, they learn more about gender, love, and the meaning of family. 



A Quiet Place Part II ( May 28)

This is a sequel to A Quiet Place, this sequel is just as scary and suspenseful. For those who do not know what A Quiet Place is about, it is about a small family of four that are trying to survive, they have to live in complete silence or else a monster will kill them. The sequel takes place after a tragic and fatal event from the first movie. 


Luca (June 18)

Luca is about two mermaid friends that go to the human village and learn how it is to be human. But while on land, they have to make sure that they do not get wet, but that is hard to do when they are a suspicious fisherman looking at them. 


The Forever Purge (July 2) 

This summer, the newest Purge movie will make its way into theatres. A Purge is when the US is able to do whatever they want for 24 hours; this means there is nothing illegal for the day. Once those 24 hours are up, the world goes back to normal. But only this time, there are people that decide otherwise, and continue the Purge. A group comes together to escape and survive this Forever Purge.