Selena: The Series

What to expect and why you should watch it

Selena: The Series

Gabriel Donaghy, Staff Writer

As someone who is likely living in Texas, you have probably heard of Selena Quintanilla before, if not her music, then you have at least heard the name. For those who do not know who Selena is, she was a rising Latina pop star in the 90s, often called “The Queen of Tejano Music”, Quintanilla was from Lake Jackson, Texas (an hour south of Houston). If you want to know more, there is a reason right there why you should start watching! Ok ok, but in all seriousness, Selena was and still is revered as an icon in Texas today, with a movie, several documentaries, and now this Netflix Series. Want to know more? Check out below!


“Selena: The Series” came out on Netflix in December of 2020. Since then, two seasons have been released, with Season 2 being the final season in this series. With a story that connects so close to home for many in Texas, it cannot help but draw you in by seeing Selena’s rise to fame and everything that came with it. The show carries the same feeling and thought that Selena always had, to be genuine with people and that is what the series does, to an extent. 


But now, getting more specifically into the show itself, “Selena: The Series” provides a look into Selena’s life that was not provided before thanks to the extended time the story gets by being a series, showing all the different aspects of Selena’s life that no other medium could provide before. It gets time to show the many challenges Selena faced trying to balance her career, fame, business, family, and romantic relationships usually all at one time. This series uses that time to create episodes that are dedicated to one or more issues just in that episode alone while at the same time dealing with issues that came from earlier episodes or that stick around throughout a big part of the series. This balance makes for a captivating experience that does not make it just seem like a TV show or series with issues separated and focused on only at the right times the show deems necessary, but plays out more like someone’s life, which it is.


Now, whether or not you are a fan of Selena, only have just heard of her, or have no clue who she is and are just looking for something interesting and real to watch, I recommend you take a chance with this show. Not only is this show incredibly well done, but it is completely based on the true story of Selena Quintanilla, which makes it all the more interesting to watch. Whether it be today, tomorrow, or even months from now before you decide to watch it, you should still watch it, because the story, her story, is timeless.