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Anna Adams, Staff Writer


Introduced in the Nether 1.16 update, Striders are the only mob that naturally spawns in all five Nether biomes.

Striders can be bred with warped fungus. 

The player can ride a strider by placing a saddle on it and steering it with warped fungus on a stick. Striders can climb up lava waterfalls and have autojump enabled when on land. Saddles cannot be removed from striders unless they are killed.

Saddled striders can be ridden across lava, but they must be steered with warped fungus on a stick.

Striders travel across lava fairly quickly. When out of lava, they will slow down, turn purple, shiver, and make sad faces.

A strider out of lava is not a happy strider.

Striders can drop up to five string items.

Speed potions increase the speed of the strider on both lava and land, but the strider will still travel across lava faster.

The original strider was hairless, floated like a ghast, and had longer legs.

Early strider designs. (minecraft.net)

Baby striders and zombified piglins can ride on adult striders. Strider jockeys (zombified piglins riding striders) will join zombified piglins in attacking the player if one is aggravated.

A baby strider rides on an adult.

Water and rain deal damage to striders; they remain unharmed by all forms of snow, splash water bottles, and cauldrons filled with water.


Pillagers can overuse and break their crossbows. Without a weapon, the pillager will become passive to the player.

Concept art of pillagers depicted them looking a lot like pirates; they had eyepatches, ripped orange shirts, buckled shoes, maroon pants, and a big belt buckle.

An early pillager design had a much stronger pirate aesthetic. (reddit.com)

Ringing a bell during a raid will alert villagers within a radius of 29, 792 blocks that they are in danger, causing them to run inside their homes for safety.

Any cured zombie villagers within a structure containing at least one bed will cause a raid on said structure once the player kills a patrolling pillager group. Destroying all beds in the structure will cause the raiding pillagers to think they won the raid and will leave the player alone.

Killing a pillager captain gives the player the Bad Omen effect, which means the next village the player visits will be raided by pillagers; this effect will go away after an hour or if the player drinks milk.

Killing a pillager captain gives the player the Bad Omen effect.

 Pillager captains can drop their banners upon death. In Bedrock Edition, pillager banners are called Illager Banners; in Java Edition, they are called Ominous Banners.

A pillager captain holds its banner.

In Bedrock Edition, pillagers will fight underwater players with melee attacks instead of using their crossbows.

Pillagers usually drop their crossbows, but during raids, they can drop iron armor, iron tools, emeralds, and enchanted books.

Bonus Fact

Pumpkin, carved pumpkin, and Jack o’Lantern stems always point northwest.

A pumpkin, carved pumpkin, and Jack o’Lantern all have stems pointing in the same direction.
The stems are facing northwest.


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