Inside Look:Military Ball

An Outsider’s view on the Military Ball

Giorgette Ruiz, Staff Writer

On April 10, the ROTC held its annual Military Banquet to honor those who were hardworking in the past year. I personally had the honor of going with Squadron Commander Aiden Cantu. 

We arrived at the ball earlier than others because Cantu was commanding the saber line which all important ROTC Staff walk under during introductions. When I arrived, Cantu was assisting his other saber line members in preparing and getting in uniform. They had a practice run and Cantu was making sure everyone was in line. 

When the ceremony was about to begin, the cadets and their dates would be introduced to all the higher-ups and honestly, it felt almost like royalty. I was sitting at a table with friends I knew around school and while we waited, the ceremony began. The swords went up in a tunnel-like way as the staff was introduced. It was so honorable and professional. 

Before dinner, toasts were made through the hall. One by one, cadets honored the military branches all around America. There was a table in front of the roo. with a white cloth draped over, representing, those in active military and past military forces. A speech was made by Colonel Spercale filled with ROTC inside jokes and their great moments together. After all the formalities, it was time for dinner.

The first dish was a house salad with fresh vegetables and a nice sweet tea on the side. The best was the main course. It was a pork chop with apple glaze and a side of mashed potatoes and vegetables. It was amazing and everyone at the table finished all their plates. For dessert there was the option of strawberry tres leches cake or key lime pie. The tres leches were my go-to and it was the best choice.

After dinner, the court was announced and each grade level was awarded, one boy and girl. After the results, they danced with their partner and had the floor of the four pairs of them. Afterward, it would be a fun party to dance around. The DJ played the best music and got the crowd moving. We took photos in the photo booth and a big group photo. We danced until 10 pm then the banquet was over.

The military ball was very elegant and fun, to say the least. I hope I have the honor to attend again next year.