Amanda Monteiro

Getting to know your administrators

Amanda Monteiro

Giorgette Ruiz, Staff Writer

Vice Principal Amanda Monterio is another member of the staff we have not gotten to know. Many of you might see her as a new face on campus taking the role of Vice-Principal, but she has been a staff member of MVISD for almost 10 years. 

Monterio grew up in Portland, Connecticut, and was very active with sports. She was on the soccer and basketball teams all through high school. Her town and high school were very small. She left Connecticut when she was 18 and moved to Texas. 

“I went to UTSA and studied education with a specialization in science,” she said. “I was also in ROTC all 4 years. The day I graduated from college I have commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant in the USAF. I served for 6 years as a Logistics Readiness Officer.”

She actually returned to Connecticut to attend the University of Connecticut to receive a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction. She then returned to Texas and began teaching at Medina Valley in 2010. 

 “I taught Physics and Anatomy & Physiology during my 9 years teaching at the high school. I came on as a Vice Principal last year and really enjoy this position.”

Before marriage, she was known as Coach Cone.

She hopes to stay on the staff as she loves to interact with the students.

“My family and the staff here motivate me at the high school. I want to make sure I work as hard or harder so our students are successful and are prepared for their next step in life,” she said. “Enjoy and get as much out of your high school days as possible. I still can’t believe I graduated high school 23 years ago. It really does go by so fast.”


What is your advice to graduating seniors? To make sure you branch out of your group of friends and really get to know the other students in your senior class. You may have been going to school with some of these other students since kindergarten and next year might be the last time you will ever see them.