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See the optical illusion? This works with furnaces, as well.

Anna Adams, Staff Writer

Crafting Tables

The original crafting table was two blocks wide, had a different texture, and was known as a workbench. Its birthday is January 29, 2010.

Crafting tables make more efficient furnace fuel than regular wood logs.

Like Netherrack, crafting tables can catch fire but never burn down. 

A crafting table burns for eternity, unless extinguished by factors like rain.

Crafting tables generate naturally in structures, like villages, witch huts, and igloss.

Note blocks placed on top of crafting tables produce the sounds of a string bass.

After the addition of other utility blocks, the crafting table lost certain abilities. For example, dyed banners are no longer craftable; that is a job for the loom.

Banners cannot be dyed using a crafting table.
Looms dye banners and provide many design options.

Note Blocks

The note block makes different instrument sounds based on what type of block it is placed on; there are at least 800 possible block combinations, including a note block on a note block (spoiler: the note block will make a string bass sound in this combination). 

A note block placed on a bone block produces xylophone sounds.

The note block can make 16 different instrument sounds. The “pling” sound effect was not used for eight years. 

Pressure plates placed on note blocks do not make the note blocks play when pushed. However, this combination can be used for redstone purposes since energy passes through note blocks.

A note block is used as a conduit as the pressure plate triggers an explosion.

Note blocks can play 25 different notes; the default tuning is set at F sharp.

Note blocks can be heard up to 48 blocks away.

Pistons were not able to push note blocks until the 1.13 update.

A piston pushes a note block.

Like crafting tables, note blocks can catch fire but will never completely burn away.

A note block also burns for eternity, unless extinguished by factors like rain.

Note blocks were introduced to Minecraft a year after jukeboxes were.

Some players import music into Minecraft via note blocks.

Japan has a festival and even an entire subculture dedicated to note blocks.

Bonus Fact

Jack o’Lanterns are both solid and opaque, making it possible for mobs, like slimes or endermen, to spawn on top of them. However, mobs that can only spawn in lower light levels, like skeletons or zombies, will not spawn on top of Jack o’Lanterns.

Mobs that can spawn in higher light levels, like creepers, can spawn on Jack o’Lanterns.


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