A Prince Who Married a Queen

Prince Phillip’s Obituary


Gabriel Donaghy, Staff Writer

When someone looks back on their life they think about all they have done. They think about what they have left behind both physically and emotionally. One thinks about the impact they left on both the people of the world and the world itself and how one may have changed their lives. When one has lived a life as long as Prince Phillip’s and a life that was spent in such a position of power, he has surely made a difference for many in his 99 years of life. 

Picture obtained from Greek City Times

Prince Philip Mountbatten was born on June 10, 1921, into a family of both Greek and Danish royalty on top of a dining room table in his parent’s home in Mon Repos, Greece where he was born into succession in the line of both thrones. But it would only be a year later before the Prince’s life was thrown in peril, after his Uncle, the then-current King of Greece was blamed for the loss to Turkey in the Greco-Turkish War and was forced to abdicate his throne. It would only be a few months later before Phillip and the rest of his family were banished from Greece by a revolutionary court, fleeing to France on the British Ship Calypso. 

Prince Phillip’s family
A photo of his and the now Queen’s wedding day in 1947

It was not until he was 18 when he met the now Queen Elizabeth while she was touring the Royal Naval College he was attending in 1939. Then in 1947, they got married, which was broadcast to over 200 million people worldwide. They would go on to have Prince Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew, and Prince Edward–Prince Charles being the father to Prince William and Prince Harry and the widower of Princess Diana. 


But before we get to all the good he has done in his life, it’d be best now if we explain why he was never called “King.” The fact of the matter is that it is because of British law when a woman marries a man of British Royalty, they get the title equal to that of the other gender, so when Kate got married to Prince William, Duke of Cambridge she became Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. 


However, this does not apply to when a man marries a woman of British Royalty, Prince Phillip did not even get the title of Prince by marrying then Princess Elizabeth or even because of his title of Prince prior, but instead because the Queen bestowed the title of Prince upon him in 1957. In short, the law of the spouse getting the equal title to their royal spouse only applies to women who marry in so Prince Phillip had to get his title given to him by the Queen 10 years after their marriage.

Prince Phillip did many great things in his life even before he became Prince in England, While serving during WWII, on the HMS Wallace, he and his men came under fire from a German Bomber, he realized they were sitting ducks and the next attack from the bomber

would destroy their ship. As a last-ditch effort, Phillip threw a raft overboard with smoke floats hoping to draw away the bombers attention in order for them to escape, what happens is next is recalled by a veteran who was on the ship that night:

“The sound of the aircraft grew louder until I thought it was directly overhead and I screwed up my shoulders in anticipation of the bombs. The next thing was the scream of the bombs, but at some distance. The ruse had worked and the aircraft was bombing the raft… Prince Philip saved our lives that night.” as told by Harry Hargreaves, then 85 when he told this story in 2003 in an online event that was hosted by the BBC called “The People’s War” where veterans would tell their war stories.


Some more good he did comes from 1957 when he created the Duke of Edinburgh Award, an award that today is available in over 140 countries and helps young people develop confidence and succeed as an adult. He has gone on record taking no credit for the program saying to the BBC (British Broadcasting Channel) he “is fairly second-handed” while talking about his role in the program. It is said as well by the BBC that he “(supported) patronages and projects, hundreds upon hundreds of them, with a focus on youth, science, the outdoors and sport.”  

Although there may have been some bad in his life, like the off-color jokes he would make, his temperament, other issues of self, he was a good man who did good things for the average person. Not to make himself look good, as can be seen from all his modest and humble actions and words through the years, but rather to just helping his people and people all around the world.