Who Rules the World: Girls!

Alex Aguilar our New State Qualifier


Marina Garcia, Student Life and Sports Editor

On March 20, junior Alexandra (Alex) Aguilar competed in Corpus Christi where she became a state qualifier of the girls powerlifting team this year. Aguilar was also a state qualifier last year but due to COVID-19 she was not able to practice and work to better herself due to being in quarantine during the summer.

Although she had her set back this year because of COVID-19 and not being able to with her coaches, Aguilar came back stronger than ever, and it shows. Out of 13 girls she was a state qualifier.  At first Alex did not think that she was going to get anything better than fifth place. She proved herself wrong by getting second place in state. 

Aguilar has been doing this all three years of high school and she plans on continuing on doing it her senior year. 

“I’ve always been strong so I thought why not compete,” Aguilar said. 

 Aguilar maxed out weights in squat, bench and deadlift. For deadlift the max weight is 395, in squats it is 440 and on the bench it is 260. To be the judges total up the 3 scores (from powerlifting,deadlift and bench) then at regionals the competitor has to hit their state total in order to go to state. 

“If you’re going to join it takes a lot of discipline and motivation,” Aguilar said. 

Aguilar’s discipline and motivation is as strong and tough as her. Even though the season is over, Aguilar will continue to work hard during the off season to be a state qualifier next year.