MVHS’s odd prom extravaganza


Junior Brandon Ripps proposing to Junior Giorgette Ruiz , April 7th, 2021

Patrick Rangel, Staff Writer

By Robert Rangel

Prom is one of the biggest events of the school year that has everyone on their toes. Of course, the aspect that most students get excited about is prom proposing. Its uniqueness and creativity are one of the best things about the prom scene. 

Junior Prom-Proposals

The class of 2022 is very fresh to prom and its entirety, especially with Covid-19 restrictions. 

“This my first prom ever and I’m excited I have a date to go with. I’m excited to get dressed up and prettied for the night and the parties after. It was such a surprise when he asked and was so adorable,” junior Giorgette Ruiz said.

Senior Prom-Proposals

Because of the ongoing pandemic that places prom at an odd point for the seniors.

“Honestly I was super nervous at first but it was so much fun planning it out and actually putting it all together,” senior Dominick Peralta said. “A huge plus was how happy km was when I said yes.”  

Our own version of prom

With prom being a tremendous high school experience, some students just are not attracted to the prom scene. “I’m having prom with my two best friends Krystal and Jasmine. We’re going to the Japanese tea gardens to take pictures with our fully glam prom dresses. Then we’re going to go downtown to have dinner at the Pearl and we’re going to spend the night on the town just us girls. Since they are underclassmen and I’m graduating, I really just wanted one final and fun moment with these girls, ” senior Janelle De Jesus said. “My friend Kat and I have made plans on the day of prom to go shopping together and listen to Taylor Swift and Harry Styles all day long, mostly the ‘Lover’ album,” junior Robert Rangel said.

What is it that excites you most for prom? 

This school year has been one roller coaster of a year. Its changes are very out of the blue from what we have known our whole lives. However, against all odds, let’s make this prom our own and make it one for the books for everyone. WIN THE DAY!!!