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A furnace can be renamed using an anvil; “Furnace” will then be replaced by its new name at the top.

A furnace can be renamed using an anvil; “Furnace” will then be replaced by its new name at the top.

Anna Adams, Staff Writer


In earlier versions of Minecraft, the tops of furnaces had the stone texture. The early furnace took 17. 5 seconds to mine, regardless of what type of tool it was being mined with. In Bedrock edition, destroying a furnace with the avatar’s hand would drop a furnace item. 

Furnaces can power minecarts, but it only works when fueled by coal or charcoal.

A minecart is fueled by a furnace.

Foxhounds, mobs from a mod, will make furnaces smelt items faster when lying on top of them.

The most efficient way to smelt items is by using a lava bucket; this smelts 100 items per bucket. Coal blocks are more efficient than coal: 9 pieces of coal- the amount used to craft a coal block- smelts 72 items, while a coal block smelts 80 items. Dried kelp blocks only smelt 20 items.

Cats tend to lay on top of lit furnaces.

A cat sits on a lit furnace.

Blast furnaces smelt ore blocks, armor, and tools at twice the speed of a normal furnace; smokers cook food items at twice the speed of a normal furnace.

In the upcoming update, furnaces can be crafted with cobbled deepslate.

Igloos have a small chance of spawning with a furnace in its chest.

Lit furnaces can be summoned using commands but will not contain anything. Lit furnaces provide a light level of 13. In an earlier version, lit furnaces could be given as items to players but led to a bug and the removal of this feature.


Placing a mob head above a bed will give the player the POV of the mob each time the bed is slept in.

The only time a bed can be slept in during the day is when there is a thunderstorm; regular rain does not let the player sleep.

The “sky dimension” was a rejected feature that would have been visited by sleeping in a bed. 

Before the 1.12 update, beds could be crafted with any combination of wool and wood planks; at the time, there would have been at least 884,736 different crafting combinations.

Placing a bed on a specified block with commands will only place the foot of the bed; the other half will not be placed.

Before the legs of the bed were retextured to be 3-D,  the legs of the bed were 2-D and appeared to be invisible when the player stood underneath the bed.

Placing a bed on ice will make the bed slippery.

An early version of the Pocket Edition included health restoration when sleeping in a bed.

Beds can be placed in lava; when used, the player will not take damage from the lava until waking up.

In an old version, sleeping in a bed with a minecart next to it would make the player appear to sleep next to the bed. In other versions, the inventory could be accessed when the bed was in use and mobs could wake players up.

In the Nether and End, beds will blow up when used; this can be used as a strategy to kill mobs or clear out blocks. At least four bed explosions can kill the Ender Dragon.

Villagers can sleep in beds in any dimension without causing any explosions. Baby villagers can be seen jumping on beds.

A villager sleeps in a bed in the End dimension.

When curing a zombie villager, placing a bed next to it will speed up the process.

Fall damage can be reduced if the player sleeps in the bed before hitting the ground. About half of the damage is taken if the player lands on the bed but does not sleep in it.

In multiplayer mode, players can use commands to teleport sleeping players out of their beds. Today, this will wake up the player, but in older versions, the player would remain in a sleeping position.

Crying obsidian was intended to be used as a respawn point until this function was applied to beds. However, crying obsidian can be used to craft a respawn anchor, setting a respawn point in the Nether; using respawn anchors will blow up in the End.

A respawn anchor is nearly fully charged.
The respawn anchor explodes before it can be used.

Bonus Fact

Anvils are as resistant to explosions as obsidian is. 

Before explosion
After explosion


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