Brisk Boys Soccer Season 2020-21

A Message on this Season and Beyond

Brisk Boys Soccer Season 2020-21

Gabriel Donaghy, Staff Writer

This year’s soccer team had a very successful season after being thrown off last year from COVID. With doing well for the JV team and 13-12-3 for the Varsity team, both MVHS soccer teams played very well this season.


Besides their statistics, both teams gave their all on the field, with the Varsity team going as far as to make it into the Playoffs. There were also many memorable moments throughout the season, as described by players on both teams. 


Although attendance was cut down to only two people per player being able to come for both teams, many still showed their support throughout the season. Even though things may have been different this year, everyone, the fans, the players, and the coaches gave it their all each in the best way they could, hopefully, next year things will not be so restricted, so we can all go out and show our Panther Pride.


(Sorry to anyone reading this and hoping for more, this is just a quick rundown and a hopeful message for next year. I hope to do a more in-depth story with quotes and highlights in a few weeks. And to anyone confused on the title I added Brisk to show this isn’t the full article, just a message and quick summary on it.)