Maggie Rogers: a musical profile

The pioneer of new-indie


Mackenzie Noakes, Staff Writer

Everyone once in a while, it feels like the stars align and everything that you want falls perfectly into place. This is probably how American singer-songwriter Maggie Rogers felt performing her song ‘Alaska’ for Pharell Williams at an NYU masterclass in 2015. 


          Not only was she performing for one of the most influential music producers in the industry, but a video of Williams, very much moved by her music, went viral and garnered over millions of views, launching her career in an unexpected way. Talk about a good day. 


After graduating from NYU with a degree in music engineering and production and with many record deals readily available, Rogers signed with Capitol Records, as they gave her the most control over her music. 

          In 2019, she released her much anticipated debut album Heard it in a Past Life, which reached number 2 on the Billboard 200 chart. This album secured Rogers a place she rightfully deserves in the music industry, bringing in new sounds while still writing her own lyrics. Her musical icons include Taylor Swift and Bjork. 


Maggie Rogers should definitely be on everyone’s radar. A proven talent since day one and an incredibly hard worker, it won’t be surprising when we see her winning Grammys in the future.