Blackbear: a musical profile

The Sound of the Summer

Blackbear: a musical profile

Mackenzie Noakes, Staff Writer

When the air starts turning warmer and the days turn longer, we can often find ourselves gravitating towards certain artists, musicians whose music perfectly encapsulates the vibes and moods of the season. For many people, one of those artists is Matthew Tyler Musto, or better known as blackbear. With songs like ‘hot girl bummer’ and ‘90210’, it’ll be hard to escape him on any Spotify playlist this summer. 


Most of my peers were exposed to his music in middle school, listening to his songs on Soundcloud, a popular streaming service for aspiring musicians.”Blackbear definitely has defined some of my middle school and highschool years,” senior Abby Wilson said. By February 4, 2015, Musto had gained enough support that his first full length album, Deadroses, was released and hit the Billboard Top 20 with the lead single ‘idfc’. 

          Blackbear also has a very impressive list of collaborators, ranging from Justin Beiber to Jacob Sartorius to Billie Ellish to Pharrell. In addition to his solo career, he is part of the R&B duo, Mansionz, with American singer, Mike Posner.  “His music is fun to listen to no matter where you are,” junior Kadence Griffin said. “It’s also fun to dance to!” 

Even if you don’t know blackbear, you’ve probably heard a song he helped write while shopping with your mom at Kohls or heard a song he produced on a drive with your friends. His influence is deeply ingrained in modern American culture. He finds a way to make the kind of music that you not only want to listen to, but have it be the soundtrack of your summer.