Students Reveal Odd Experiences

Anna Adams, Staff Writer

Are you a fan of the uncanny? Well, fellow students have some special stories to share. From bizarre coincidences to unexplainable events, these exclusive stories will intrigue you.

“I was saved by a 10 dollar bill,” junior Dustin Stewart said. When he was 13 years old, he walked past a construction site and spotted a $10 bill. As he bent down to pick it up, he heard something fly over his head: a metal bar from the construction site. The bill had ultimately saved his life.

“It was so random,” junior Kinsey Winters said. She and a friend had been at the beach when they decided to stop at the gas station. As they were about to walk in, a sports car swerved a few lanes near them, narrowly missing a gas pump.

“Thankfully, no one got hurt,” Winters adds.

“A couple months- even weeks, maybe- [later,] I see the exact image that I saw in my dream,” freshman Alicia Ostrander said. Sometimes, Ostrander sees places in her dreams that she has never visited, but ends up physically going there at some point in the future. Also, whenever she has a bad day, she usually has a dream and is left feeling tense.

 At Six Flags Fiesta Texas, junior Jett Winkler found a long-lost friend. Separate since preschool, the two reunited when the friend identified Winkler by the surname on the back of his shirt. 

Freshman Logan Martinez had an eerie experience once. Home alone, Martinez heard someone call his name. After checking the locks and alarms, he concluded that he was utterly alone.

“Someone had called my name,” Martinez said, “and to this day, I still don’t know who- or what- called my name.”

“I found it really odd,” sophomore Gabriel Donaghy said. While visiting an uncle in Frisco, Texas, Donaghy and his family went to a lake. They were on a boat, looking for the restaurant area located in the middle of the lake, and had been lost for about half an hour. Eventually, Donaghy and his family found it, but not before something strange occurred.

“Out of nowhere, there was this big wave that went over the boat and soaked everyone… and knocked my cousin out of my aunt’s arms,” Donaghy recalled, having no idea what had caused this mysterious wave. “I found it really odd since I’ve never heard of a mini tidal wave in a lake before.”

The cliché fact is stranger than fiction never ceases to prove itself true. What are your encounters with the unconventional? Comment below!