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Anna Adams, Staff Writer


Foxes are extremely shy, sometimes sit down, and can be seen napping during the day, especially in shaded areas; they are nocturnal. Foxes will not wake up if the player sneaks toward them but will not sleep at all during thunderstorms.

A fox naps in the shade.

Wild wolves and polar bears- including baby polar bears, which are usually passive- will attack foxes if they are within 18 blocks; foxes are very fast and have good chances of outrunning predators.

Foxes are more likely to spawn at night and  only spawn in taiga and snowy taiga biomes. They can also spawn in taiga villages; if taiga villages are near their spawnpoints, foxes will go to the villages. Foxes in snowy taiga biomes are white instead of the default red.

Foxes can spawn holding items in their mouths; they also pick up nearby items. Foxes that spawn holding items hold a cooked porkchop, wheat, a rabbit’s foot, a feather, leather, a rabbit hide, an egg, or even an emerald. 

A fox spawns naturally holding a feather.

Foxes holding enchanted weapons will attack prey using the enchantment; if a fox holds a totem of undying, it will be revived after it dies- just like a player. 

However, foxes prefer holding food items and will let go of a non-food item to pick up any nearby food items, except for cake- they will not touch cake. After a fox picks up a food item, it will eventually eat it and receive any side effects the food may cause- meaning that chorus fruit makes foxes teleport. Foxes can also pick sweet berries off of bushes; sweet berries can be used to breed foxes. Unlike other mobs and players, foxes are not slowed by and do not take damage from sweet berry bushes.

Foxes crouch and leap up to 3.5 blocks high when they attack prey, which are usually chickens, rabbits, baby turtles, and fish- except for pufferfish; tamed foxes attack mobs that attack the player. Red foxes prefer hunting on land and white foxes prefer hunting in water.

Foxes can be seen getting stuck in snow temporarily, making digging motions.

Taming foxes is a unique process. The player must separate a baby fox from other foxes, which is most easily done by using a lead.


Lecterns can be found in villages- more specifically, in the houses of librarians- and can be crafted by the player. Place a lectern near an unemployed villager, and it will turn into a librarian.


Lecterns were first discussed in 2012; the prototype had a gold ring at the bottom and a triangular top.

Since they are made of wood, lecterns are flammable and can fuel furnaces, able to smelt 1.5 items at a time.

Lecterns holding books can interact with redstone: each time a page is turned, it sends a pulse of energy through redstone dust, working just like a button. Comparators will send signals respective to the number of pages in the book.

Bonus Fact

While working on the Caves and Cliffs update in the 21w08a snapshot, Mojang accidentally deleted iron ore. Other iron items could be found in the creative mode inventory, but there was no iron ore at all, nor could it be found in natural generations.


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