Books, Books, Books

New Books Supply

Marina Garcia, Student Life and Sports Editor

The library had a new shipment of books the week before spring break. 17 boxes were shipped to the campus library. Mrs. Williams, our district librarian, is the one that selects which books to buy for the school. Many of the new books include, animes, fantasy, historical novels and many more non-fiction books. 

“I take recommendation. I also take a class every year called was new and popular with YA(young adults)” , said Head Librarian, Mrs. Williams. 

Personally, since I am someone who actively reads and is a library aide, I was more than happy to see all the new books. I even got one, A court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas which is one of the newest book series available at the library. 

All the new books are ready and displayed for everyone to read. Come check it out! Whether it is before or after school or during lunch the library is ready to have you!


Interesting fact the library has roughly 30 series on its selves!