Powerlifters Dominate State

Anna Adams, Staff Writer



Leksi Martinez and Alexandra Aguilar went to Corpus Christi to compete in the 5A Division II Girls Powerlifting State Championship at the American Bank Center.

Junior Alexandra Aguilar relishes her latest achievement as the “second strongest girl in the state.” She placed 2nd with 1,020 pounds total, only 10 pounds behind the girl in 1st place.

Senior Leksi Martinez said she was happy with “being Medina Valley’s first girl to win state in powerlifting.” She placed 1st with a total of 995 pounds, earning her the title 5A Division II State Champion.

Both girls earned a combined total of 12 points, putting Medina Valley in 4th place out of 31 schools.

Left to right: Alexandra Aguilar and Leksi Martinez present their medals.


Boys Varsity

On March 21, the Panthers beat Eagle Pass Win with a flawless score of 5-0. Prime players include:

Gabriel Human- 3 goals; Justin Bentacourt- goals; Vicente Gonzales- 1 assist; Colton Harvey- 1 assist; Eliseo Vera- assist; Michael Tomaselli- 6 saves; Dyland Leal- defense; Orlando Mireles- defense; Oscar Gonzales- defense; Miguel Solis- defense; Glenn Machen- defense.

On March 19, the boys beat Floresville by 5-2, great players including:

Travis Barton- 2 goals, 2 assists; Aspen Garcia- 1 goal; Vicente Gonzales- 1 goal; Gabriel Human- 1 goal, 3 assists.

On March 20, the Panthers relentlessly resisted Southwest but lost 9-0, finishing 4th in district.

Boys JV

On March 19, the boys beat Floresville with an immaculate score of 3-0. Hard workers include: Justin Bentacourt- 1 goal, 1 assist; Joaquin Rodriguez- 1 assist; Luis Mendoza- 2 goals.

Girls Varsity

On March 16, the girls beat Eagle Pass Winn by an astounding 10-0. Amazing players include:

Valorie Flores- 1 goal; Kaitlyn Davidson- 2 goals; Alyssa Theole- 1 assist; Kylie Marty- 1 assist; Alyssa Salazar- 1 goal; Ander Duncan- 1 goal; Haleigh Bricker- 1 goal; Brooke Piper- 1 assist; Mykelti Griggs- 1 goal; Jizzel Garcia- 2 assists; Nadia Reyna- 2 goals, 1 assist; Izzy Duncan- 1 goal, 1 assist.

The ladies beat Floresville by 3-0 on March 19 and lost to the undefeated Southwest Dragons on March 20. Notable mentions include Kaitlyn Davidson, Savannah Perales, Nadia Reyna, Brooke Piper, and Alyssa Salazar. 

Freshman Mykelti Griggs only has one word to describe her first soccer season: “great.”

Girls JV

On March 19, the Panthers beat Floresville by 1-0 with the help of star player Isabella Terrazas.



On March 16, the boys beat Harlandale by a jaw-dropping 13-3 with the help of JJ Marty, Jared Laque, and Bobby Peterson.

On March 19, the team beat the Southside Cardinals by an awesome 12-10 with help from every player. Outstanding players include Tanner Haby, Javi Gonzales, Whitt Joyce, Jake Herb, Bobby Peterson, and Tyler Mangum.



On March 16, the ladies lost to Southside Legacy by 1-0, although Trista Miller played spectacularly.   

On March 19, the team beat Eagle Pass Winn by 1-0 with help from Trista Miller, Madison Guerrero, Kaylee Upton, and Gabrielle Cancino.


On March 21, the team beat the Legacy Titans with the aid of Victoria Leos.


On March 18, the Panthers hosted the Medina Valley Panthers Relays.

Girls Varsity

“I think we have the potential to go far as long as everyone keeps practicing like they should be,” junior and distance runner Kayleigh Corliss said. Well, practice has led to two new school records being set in a single meet.

100 meter dash- Isabelle Davis in 3rd; Elia Evans and Jaenae McCain tied for 4th.

200 meter dash- Haylee Hurtado in 1st; Kaylyn Persyn in 2nd; Jaenae McCain in 4th.

400 meter dash- Madalyn Alderidge in 1st; Clara Arroyos in 2nd; Paetyn Ellis in 3rd.

800 meter dash- Paiten Trowbridge in 1st; Alianna Salazar in 4th; Tanith Chappie in 5th.

1600 meter race- Macy Livingston in 1st (school record); Kayleigh Corliss in 4th; Alianna Salazar in 6th.

3200 meter race- Macy Livingston in 2nd; Kayleigh Corliss in 4th; Tanith Chappie in 6th.

100 meter hurdles- Haylee Hurtado in 1st; Kaylyn Persyn in 4th; Julia Guzman in 6th.

300 meter hurdles- Julia Guzman in 4th.

4×100 relays- Ellie Austin, Isabelle Davis, Tanasia Gullstt and Jaenae McCain in 3rd.

4×200 relays- Elia Evans, Kaylyn Persyn, Haylee Hurtado, and Ileana Morales in 1st.

4×400 relays- Madalyn Alderidge, Paiten Trowbridge, Ileana Morales, and Clara Arroyos in 1st.

Shot put- Madison Sotelo in 1st; Essence Cummings in 2nd; Sarah Dailey in 6th.

Discus- Madison Sotelo in 3rd; Sarah Dailey in 4th.

Pole vault- Madalyn Alderidge in 2nd (school record); Emma Bauml in 4th.

Long jump- Kaylyn Persyn in 1st; Giovanna Ruiz in 6th.

Triple jump- Gisele Baldwin in 4th; Shelby Center in 5th.

High jump- Emily Hecker in 1st; Haylee Hurtado in 2nd; Paetyn Ellis in 5th.

Girls JV

Overall, Medina Valley placed 2nd.

100 meter dash- Markea Little in 4th; Kylie Harris in 6th.

200 meter dash- Kaelyn Howard in 2nd.

400 meter dash- Rachel Rath in 1st.

800 meter dash- Hali Balson in 4th; Julia Graham in 5th.

1600 meter race- Amaris Maldonado in 1st; Hali Balson in 2nd; Kathleen Carpenter in 5th.

3200 meter race- Molly Clamon in 1st; Anna Adams in 3rd; Julia Graham in 4th.

100 meter hurdles- Bethany Watson in 3rd; Gabrielle Ortiz in 4th; Haley Hernandez in 5th.

300 meter hurdles- Bethany Watson in 3rd; Gabrielle Ortiz in 5th; Haley Hernandez in 6th.

4×100 relays- Angelie Ruiz, Cheyenne Hammons, Nasha Thomas, and Kylie Harris in 3rd.

4×200 relays- Cheyenne Hammons, Kaelyn Howard, Abigail Vierling, and Nasha Thomas in 2nd.

4×400 relays- Angelie Ruiz, Abigail Vierling, Rachel Rath, and Kaelyn Howard in 2nd.

Shot put- Melida Medina in 2nd; Alexandra Aguilar in 3rd.

Discus- Melida Medina in 1st; Alexandra Aguilar in 4th; Erin Muren in 6th.

Long jump- Alicia Ostrander in 5th; Hali Balson in 6th.

Triple jump- Abigail Vierling in 2nd; Alicia Ostrander in 4th; Natalie Brooks in 5th.

Boys Varsity

Overall, Medina Valley placed 1st with 253 points. Notable athletes include:

4×100- Kyle Saulter, Kaedan Monday, Michael Tomaselli, and Nathan Weiblen in 1st.

4×200- Kyle Saulter, Iverson McCray, Noah Raygosa, and Bobby Peterson in 1st

1600- Blake Mulvaney in 1st; Seth Hernandez in 2nd; Timothy Teague in 3rd.

3200- Seth Hernandez in 1st; Jon Paul Buendia in 2nd; Marc Castro in 3rd.

The following individuals earned medals for other events:

Iverson McCray- 2 gold.

Orlando Santos- 1 gold.

Nathan Weiblen- 1 gold.

Clayton Brawley- 1 silver.

Cristian Romo- 2 gold.

Mason Vogel- 1 silver.

Boys JV

Overall, Medina Valley placed 1st with 253 points. The 4×400 relay team placed in 1st and individual medalers include:

400 meter dash- Jesus Clopton.

200 meter dash- Gilbert Posada.

1600 meter race- CJ McCullough.

3200 meter race- Aaron Espinoza.

100 meter hurdles- Jackson Lowell.

300 meter hurdles- Jackson Lowell.

Triple jump- Carter McCray.

Long jump- Carter McCray.


On March 18 and 19, the golfers competed at the Harlan Hawk Invitational; every team got in at least three matches. In girls JV, Victoria Vause placed 2nd in girls singles. In girls Varsity, Kayden Harrison placed 11th in girls singles; Ameenah Wilson and Emily DelaFuente placed 3rd in girls doubles.

Go, Panthers!