Panthers Play During Break



Anna Adams, Staff Writer


Boys Varsity

Right before the break, the team nearly defeated Southside but ran out of time, leaving with a tie of 1-1; Orlando Mireles put in extra effort.

Over spring break, the boys battled in three games. The first game, against Southwest Legacy, ended in a tie of 1-1; Travis Barton led the way. The second game, against Winn in Eagle Pass, ended in a victory by 4-2; scorers include Vicente Gonzales, Dyland Leal, Colton Harvey, and Nathaniel Marasigan. The Panthers ended their soccer streak strong with a spotless victory against Floresville by 2-0; Barton, Harvey, and Michael Tomaselli played fiercely.

Sophomore Pablo Padilla is pleased with how the team managed to “overcome all [of] the obstacles.” 

Girls Varsity

On March 9, the ladies defeated their district opponent, Southside, with a flawless score of 7-0. Primary players include: Abril Fernandez- 1 assist; Kaitlyn Davidson- 2 goals, 1 assist; Savannah Perales- 1 goal; Nadia Reyna- 1 assist; Brooke Piper- 1 assist; Alyssa Salazar- 1 assist; Madison MacTaggart- 2 goals; Mykelti Griggs- 2 goals, 1 assist.



During the break, the team played at the South Texas Slugfest and won by 7-0. Before school started again, they competed against Champion- and lost- and demolished Warren with a perfect score of 10-0. Hardworking players over the break include: Jared Laque, Jake Herb, Bobby Peterson, Tanner Haby, Thomas Pardo, JJ Marty, and Whitt Joyce.

On March 14, the boys beat the Southwest Dragons by 3-2. Memorable moves were made by Pardo, Laque, Marty, Haby, Jarier Gonzales, and Tyler Mangum.


On the same day, JV faced the Southwest Dragons with determination to win, and win they did- by an astounding 14-3. Excellent players include Gavin Kanak, DJ McCulley, Aaron Tondre, Connor Dillard, and Manny Garza.



Over the break, the Panthers brought home a triumph of 12-5 and a 2-0 district record. Leading the way were: Vivianna Diaz, Leilah Gaytan, Lauren Hendrickson, Jordyn Stelzig, Alianna Salazar, McKenzee Kennedy, Trista Miller, Madison Guerrero, and Haedyn Renslow.

“We’re aiming for state,” starter Amie Johnson said. Her coaches are getting revenge on the short 2020 season by packing the schedule with games and making sure the girls achieve as much as possible.


Girls JV

On March 4, Medina Valley placed 4th overall at the Jack Randall Relays. Girls who placed include:

100 meter dash-

200 meter dash- Paetyn Ellis in 3rd; Jahnae McCain in 5th; Tanasia Gulatt in 6th.

800 meter dash- Abigail Vierling in 3rd; Hali Balson in 6th.

1600 meter race- Amaris Maldonado in 2nd.

3200 meter race- Molly Clamon in 3rd.

100 meter hurdles- Bethany Watson in 6th.

300 meter hurdles- Behtany Watson in 4th.

4×100 relay- Markia Little, Angelie Ruiz, Tanasia Gulatt, and Jahnae McCain in 4th.

4×200 relay- Angelie Ruiz, Kaelyn Howard, Abigail Vierling, and Paetyn Ellis in 4th.

4×400 relay- Kaelyn Howard, Rachel Rath, Abigail Vierling, and Paetyn Ellis in 3rd.

Shot put- Melida Medina in 2nd.

Girls Varsity

On March 6, Medina Valley placed 2nd overall at the Jack Randall Relays in Floresville. Girls who placed include:

400 meter dash- Madalyn Aldridge in 1st.

800 meter dash- Paiten Trowbridge in 1st.

1600 meter race- Macy Livingston in 1st; Alianna Salazar in 6th.

3200 meter race- Macy Livingston in 1st; Kayleigh Corliss in 4th; Tanith Chappie in 6th.

100 meter hurdles- Kaylyn Persyn in 4th.

300 meter hurdles- Julia Guzman in 6th.

Long jump- Kaylyn Persyn in 3rd.

Triple jump- Shelby Center in 6th.

Discus- Madison Sotello in 1st.

Shot put- Essence Cummings in 1st; Madison Sotello in 4th.

Pole Vault- Madalyn Aldridge in 3rd; Emma Bauml in 4th.


On March 6 and 7, the lifters attended their regional meet in Edinburgh.

“I’ve been [preparing] since October, working out almost six days a week,” senior Leksi Martinez said. She finished in 2nd place among 5A and 6A schools.

Junior Alexandra Aguilar finished in 5th place among 5A schools. Both girls are state qualifiers.



On March 3, all teams placed while at Jourdanton: Victoria Vause with 1st place in girls singles; Madison Paxton with 2nd place in girls singles; Joseph Rangel with 1st place in boys singles; Munira Wilson and Marin Peterson with 3rd place in girls doubles; Joselyn Bobel and Trinity Rand with 4th place in girls doubles; Robert Gilmore and Christian Wallace with 1st place in boys doubles; Aaron Sharber and Walker English with a consolation round of boys doubles.

“I like to travel, go to tournaments, jokes on the bus,” hardworking newbie Aaron Sharber said, adding that one of his favorite things about tennis is “hangin’ with the team.”


On March 14, the team showed off at Jourdanton, notable Panthers including:

Kayden Harrison with 1st place in girls singles; Emily Delafuente and Ameenah Wilson with 1st place in girls doubles; Alex Oberhauser and Connor Stone with 4th place in boys doubles; Gavin Kanak and Madeline Przybylski with 1st place in mixed doubles; Diana Politron and Hank Moellenberg with 4th place in mixed doubles.