And the Winner Is…

2021 Grammys: Who Looked Hot, Who Was Snubbed, Who Made History.


Janelle De Jesus, Feature Editor

On March 14, 2021, celebrities lined up on the red carpet to get their pictures taken. While this occurred, viewers from home grabbed their popcorn, remotes they would use as microphones, and younger siblings who they would force to sing “Watermelon Sugar” with them. 

The 63rd Annual Grammys was a bigger deal than previous years due to COVID-19 regulations. All people who attended were required to wear masks and were only permitted to take them off when receiving an award. 

Now without further ado, winners, losers, what they wore, and who made history. 

“Personally I think that Harry Styles and Bruno Mars had the best performance,” junior Allison Whitley said. “I could sit here for hours and talk about Megan and Dua Lipa as well, but as a Harry Styles fan I just have to say that this was a big moment and I couldn’t be prouder.” 

This year’s performances were sure to be altered. Dancers were limited and unless you were doing a duet and performers were not allowed to come in contact with each other. Nonetheless, the artists provided. 

Harry Styles opened up the Grammy with a sultry version of “Watermelon Sugar.” The slowed down tempo and added reverb changed the whole feeling of this pop song. I personally liked it more than the original, and will be expecting Styles to release it on Apple Music soon. 

Other than Styles, Da Baby performed “Rockstar” with a choir, Megan and Cardi performed “WAP” (which for the sake of my editor position I will not be discussing), Bruno Mars gave an upbeat soulful performance, as per usual, and Dua Lipa gave a stunning performance for “Don’t Start Now.” 

The last person to perform was Taylor Swift, who brought her two surprise albums– which she wrote over quarantine– to life with a cottage built on stage. There were fake trees and moss everywhere and a cozy light to really set the mood. She definitely took the hands of her fans and brought them into this make believe world of “Folklore” and “Evermore.” 

“I was so excited for everything Taylor and Harry had to offer us at this award show,” sophomore Jasmine Vargas said. “Not only did they serve looks, but they served in their performances as well. Part of me will always wish for a duet from them, but until then I will live for the stolen stares from each other at the show.”  

Before we get into the winners and losers, let’s discuss what they wore. DaBaby rocked the red carpet in a matching Gucci suit with Gucci hat. While many people believe Gucci is a tired designer and so last year, the “Rockstar” singer proved the critics wrong. 

Lipa showed up and outshined everyone, wearing my personal favorite outfit of the night. She wore a dazzling butterfly inspired dress created by Versace. Designer says the dress had over 3,000 crystals hand embroidered. 

Showing up and standing out, Megan the Stallion in a neon orange dress, sure to make a statement as she was nominated for her first Grammy. Beyonce and Jay Z showed up and blended in in black, a classic statement– reporters say that they had no idea if they would show up tonight. Swift wore a short floral dress by designer Oscar de la Renta, the singer states her outfit was inspired by the song “Betty” and lyrics “would you lead me to the garden?” 

Finally, the biggest scandal of the night, Styles. Fashion icon and advocate to abolish gender roles in fashion, showed up in what might be the worst outfit yet. Styles wore a yellow plaid suit, and paired it with a bright purple feather boa. Fans were quick to compare him to 2000’s icon Ashley Tisdale. Nonetheless he regained our hearts in an all black leather outfit to perform. 

“When it comes to the red carpet, I really liked what DaBaby wore,” senior Adrian Neri said. “I feel like he rocked the red carpet. Since this year was so lowkey I guess it is hard to say no one looked good, because truthfully everyone did. Either way, his matching set was enough to win best dressed in my book.” 

Now, the nominations, winners, and losers. The Grammy’s have over 20 categories, but today we will discuss the most anticipated categories this time around. First up, Best Pop Vocal Album. While celebrities like Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, and Styles were all nominated, Lipa — previously thought to be the underdog — took the category winner her first ever Grammy. Also winning his first ever Grammy, Styles with Best Pop Solo Performance. This left fans enthusiastic for the winner who has come such a long way since his first ever musical appearance with former band One Direction. 

Now, making history for the first female artist to win Album of the Year three times, and in three different categories was Swift. Swift delivered not one, but two surprise albums in the past year during quarantine. Fans now joke that we listen to the album of the year because Ms. Swift was ‘bored.’ 

And finally, the biggest accomplishment of any musical artist thus far in Grammy history. Beyonce won her 28th Grammy, becoming the artist with the most Grammys ever won. While accepting her award she not only thanks God and her fans, but thanks her daughter Blue Ivy, who also received her first Grammy for starring in one of her mom’s music videos. 

“My favorite artists who won were Taylor and The Queen B,” junior Robert Rangel said. “I could sit here all day and give you reasons why everyone deserved to win, but since I can’t I’ll just say that I love women who break records.” 

This year’s Grammys was one for the books. Several artists made history, and others have grown their musical achievements with nominations. I personally cannot wait for next year: new music, looks, and even more awards.